Emma Cogbill


Disco Barre is a ballet barre based work out that will ‘totally transform your body and change the way you think about exercise’ – according to the website. Moreover Disco Barre is a class devised to banish the boredom of the gym and make you feel more of a slave to the rhythm than the treadmill.

Set in the trendy Pop, Brixton – the class has different venues throughout the week,  this particular Monday was a super warm summer evening and I have to admit I was very tempted to enjoy a Mojito and some delicious smelling street food from the vendors I walked past on the way in rather than head to an hour long class, fortunately for my waistline I managed to resist temptation.

Every Disco Barre venue is a unique space; imagine a warehouse with metal barrier gates, like those used at festivals, as the barre. I am relieved that there are two other girls in the room who are also Disco Barre novices and seem to appear equally apprehensive. Our teacher and founder of Disco Barre, Sophie Ritchie, is super uplifting and immediately welcoming, and tells us a little about what to expect.

Sophie Richie - Disco Barre

Sophie Ritchie – Disco Barre

The Disco beats begin and I find my place with my mat on the floor. The music is fantastic and soon I am totally taken away with the rhythm forgetting that I am exercising.

Throughout the next hour we are taken through a gruelling work out our bodies pulse until our muscles are burning. The moves are small but the effects are intense, we vary between core work, strength, and simple ballet leg raises along with isometric holds. Floor series work is combined with ballet moves on the barre which equals serious pain for my glutes!

Sophie is excellent she looks so elegant and graceful whilst executing all her moves – I try desperately to mimic her long limbs and pointed toes with little luck; she corrects postures all the way through the class though and is extremely helpful without being over critical.

The strange thing about this workout is that it is actually fun! The vibe and the music make the hour pass so quickly, the soundtrack is fab! I leave the class after a well deserved cool down feeling a little bit taller, I can see if you did this class regularly you would end up leaner and sculpted. I will definitely be returning!


Disco Barre costs £12 for a single class, to book a class and to see a full list of prices please visit: www.discobarre.com.