Sharon Reid


As a committed pescetarian and part –time vegan I have no business gracing the likes of Bodean’s with my presence, anyone who possesses an appetite for down home BBQ, watching live sports, 80’s funk – featuring the legendary Teena Marie, Rick James et el (props to whoever compiled the play list) and a fondness for general bonhomie should love Bodean’s BBQ Smokehouse situated across several sites throughout London – we dined at the Covent Garden branch, the newest addition to the growing portfolio. Not deviating too far from Bodean’s version of Americana – think Texan rib room in the heart of Covent Garden, comprising of deep spacious booths, wood panelled walls, various long -horned bovine skulls and a pop –art portrait of all –American hero John Wayne.Lobster2

Fortunately for me, I was accompanied by hubby whose palette is more open opportunities compared to my restricted tongue – I stuck rigidly to the Bodean’s Nacho Supreme served with a generous helping of guacamole, sour cream, salsa and Jalapeño, followed by the  LobsterFest: whole Canadian lobster, grilled with smokehouse butter, served with chips and salad. I find that it helps to be mentally prepared when dealing with lobster in its shell; all the prising open of flesh and cracking of shell is a messy business, and a lot of effort for little reward in terms of the actual flesh one gets to chow down. Although the smokehouse butter was a surprising, albeit tasty touch, the sweet tangy BBQ flavour did not compensate for the overly rubbery texture. While I gamely battled on with my lobster, hubby got stuck into the Buffalo wings – the preliminary to the main event of BBQ chicken and sweet potato fries which were a welcome relief from the (too) piquant, extra hot sauce that his wings were smothered in.8X2A7297

We rounded off proceedings with the delicious Honeycomb cheese cake (to share): a generous slab of mascarpone, crispy biscuit base topped with crunchy honeycomb pieces.

Having never set foot in an actual American rib room, I can’t verify Bodean’s authenticity, however as far as visual references go and the spirited American inspired menu of, BBQ chicken, Ribs, Pulled pork, Mac ‘n’ cheese, Apple cobbler etc, I would happily give Bodean’s a big A for effort.


Overall verdict:

Price – £81.10 (including cocktails and excluding service).

Service – Friendly, attentive staff.

Ambience – Lively atmosphere ideal for a casual evening out with friends….Cracking sound track (best I’ve heard in a long time!)

Bathroom – 4/5 clean and functional.


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