Emma Cogbill


Barry’s Bootcamp claims to be one of the ‘The Best Workouts in the World®’  and have a legendary following counting A list celebs and Olympic athletes amongst their enthusiastic devotees, with classes claiming to burn up to 1000 calories, along with stories of impressive weight loss and muscle definition, I was keen to try.

I consider myself to be reasonably fit; I go to to the gym a few times a week, but with all this hype I was naturally apprehensive. I found my Barry’s venue in Euston with ease; it’s conveniently located opposite the station. I walked nervously to reception where I explained I was a Barry’s virgin. Would I die? Pass out? Fall of the treadmill?! I looked around and most of the other participants looked super fit, what had I done? I was told I would be fine, “just remember to breath.”

There is only room for 40 people in each class: there are 20 treadmills and 20 floor spots, you sign up for a spot between 1-20 on either treadmill or floor to begin, and then swap at regular intervals with the person who has the corresponding number. Due to my newbie tag, I was privy to a lesson on how to use the treadmill.Barry's Bootcamp

Lights down music up and you enter into rave sweat box workout zone. The first interval workout on the treadmill was super tough, different inclines and paces are shouted out to you by the instructor. There is no jogging here the very minimum is a fast paced run, the max a full pelt sprint. I just couldn’t keep up with the pace. By the time round one had finished I was sweating and panting. This was intense! I was glad when I was told it was time to swap and hit the floor, but this was by no means any kind of break, toning legs and bum with 5kg weights, before you know it, it’s time to hit the treadmill again. By the time the class was finished I felt sick, sweating more than I ever have  – with the exception of Bikram Yoga! All I could think was, this was going to hurt tomorrow and it did! I couldn’t wait to hit the showers and use the fresh clean towels and luxury products on offer, after my gruelling workout a long luxuriating shower was well deserved – and a deep sleep beckoned!

The verdict: At £20 a go this is by no means cheap, the wait list for classes is also long, but it is worth it, the trainers are super positive and inspirational, the workout exhaustive but exhilarating. Despite aching for days after: I will be back.image003 (2)

On the 25th June Barry’s Bootcamp will take over the Coca Cola London Eye by hosting 15 classes simultaneously in 15 London Eye capsules, limited edition tickets are available online and cost £60, all proceeds go to Stand Up To Cancer, for tickets please visit: www.barrysbootcamp.com, call: 0207 938 5049 or email: Barrys@tcs-uk.net

To book a class please visit: www.barrysbootcamp.com