Sharon Reid


It’s National Picnic Week (11th -19th June), however, don’t let our fickle summer weather interfere with your alfresco dining, whether you choose to participate this week, next or the week after, try these picnic recipes from the Hour Glass to give your picnic a boost.

The Hour Glass pub located at the heart of Brompton Quarter, is run by Luke Mackay and Dave Turcan, the talented duo behind Brompton Food Market. You will find fresh, seasonal ingredients at both their shop and pub; Luke and Dave are firm fans of  ‘fuss -free British classics’ which is evident with their Scotch Eggs and Sausage Rolls recipes.

Sausage Rolls


500g Puff pastry

400g Good quality sausage meat

100g Pancetta or dry cured streaky bacon, diced small

Small bunch of sage

Yolks of 3 eggs

Sea salt & black pepper


In a large bowl mix the diced pancetta, sage and sausage meat grinding in some black pepper.

Roll out the puff pastry to half a cm thick and 10cm x 30cm.

Make a thick line of sausage meat in the middle. Fold pastry over and seal with egg yolk. Place seam underneath.

Cut into 7 cm lengths and brush with egg yolk. Grind some pepper over. Place in fridge for at least half an hour.

Bake 180C fan 25 minutes then 20 minutes at 160C.

Scotch Eggs


420g Sausage meat-use your favourite variety

6 Eggs medium



2 Eggs for eggwash


Boil the eggs for 6 minutes then place in ice water. When cool peel.

Divide the sausage meat into 6 balls, flatten them. Roll each egg in flour, then fold the sausage meat around the egg -it’s tricky. Make sure there are no gaps. Roll them in flour then eggwash and finally breadcrumbs. Place in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Heat your deep fryer to 180C. Fry the eggs for 6 to 7 minutes…depending on how runny you like them.