Sharon Reid


There is nothing like a secret location to pique my interest – I’m reminded of the illicit raves back in the day which caused immense moral panic amongst middle Englanders, fuelled by sensational tabloid headlines describing debauched teen behaviour. The raves I attended were not the last days of Sodom & Gomorrah, in fact, the excitement for me was the anticipation; pre-mobile phones (yes kids such a world did exist) the only way to find out where the rave was held was generally at motorway service stations where fellow ravers would congregate. Finding out the secret location of a party via a Moto service station seems unfathomable in this age of social media, therefore it is ironic that a forthcoming talk about the addictive nature of social media is being held in a secret location. However, it begins to make sense when the company behind said talk is the self –explanatory Delve – The Secret Experience Club.Logo with Tagline_Black

‘Why social media is addictive and its effect on identity formation’ will discuss: What causes some people to over-rely on sites like Instagram? What does the selfie really represent? Where does the need to curate and catalogue mundane details of daily life emerge from?

The evenings’ itinerary is as follows:

19:00 – Welcome drinks

19:10 – Talk commences

19:50 – Break /drink re-fresh (times vary)

20:00 – Talk continues

20:30 – Question/discussion time

21:00 – Talk finishes – socialising and discussions continue at cocktail bar


Why social media is addictive and its effect on identity formation, 24th June at 19:00, tickets cost £49, location –somewhere in Soho! To book tickets and further information please visit: