Ivana Silvestri


Anti Gravity yoga is a fusion of different disciplines; based on Aerial yoga principles but much more dynamic.

I attended a mixed ability class at the London Dance Academy – my fellow attendees ranged from the more experienced to first timers; the entire class was designed to improve flexibility, strength and agility.

The class started with relaxation techniques – despite the relaxing start to proceedings the class gradually became more demanding.image

With  a background in ballet training, along with regularly practising Pilates and Yoga, my flexibility and agility are also above average, I therefore consider my fitness level to be very good, however, elevated fitness levels aside, I did find some of the postures challenging especially the prolonged inversions  – where you hang to a hammock with your head down.

The instructor on the day was Kate, who after attending just three Anti Gravity yoga classes became hooked two years of intensive training later she became an instructor, Kate’s transition from enthusiastic practitioner to instructor is indeed impressive and her passion for this discipline is evident.

There was an element of fun during the entire class; I almost felt like a ‘circus performer’ the fact that the class ended with a bow only added to the feeling.image

The studio is a few minutes walk from Old Street, booking in advance is advisable, a single class costs £15 but there are various offers and membership options.


For bookings and further information please visit: londondanceacademy.laphq.co.uk