Britain is a nation of have-a-go health and fitness experts, offering out advice to colleagues, friends and family with no professional expertise to base it on according to new research.

The survey of 1,000 UK adults, carried out by and published in the 2016 Fitness Knowledge Report, found that UK gym-goers are putting colleagues, friends’ and family’s health at risk by handing out advise and expertise on exercise and nutrition – more than one in two confess to doing this despite not having possessing any credentials or having had any training in this area.

The research found that women are the biggest culprits, with 68% admitting they have given this type of advice to others in the past without being confident in what they were saying.

This kind of unsound advice is most likely to to be given out in the workplace as one in three say they dish out their ‘expertise’ to colleagues.Personal training, A shot of a male personal trainer assisting a woman lifting weights

Friends (28%), family (22%) and fellow gym acquaintances (9%) are also commonly targeted with risky guidance.

Simon Bubb, Managing Director at said: “The data identified a worrying trend for gym-goers who passing on pseudo knowledge of exercise and nutrition to others, despite having no qualifications to back it up.

“I think many people are guilty of this in one way or another, and health and fitness is one of those areas where people feel they can casually offer out advice without any repercussions but this practice can be quite dangerous.

“Gym enthusiasts who are really interested in helping people out in these areas should consider taking up formal training before giving out advice – doing so without this will not help others and could actually cause them harm.”

These pseudo experts could in part be being inspired by the preconception of personal trainers, as one in three believe being a personal trainer is a glamorous job, while 12% say a career in the health and fitness industry is among their dream jobs.


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