Sharon Reid


We all love a challenge; the viral phenomenon of the Running Man Challenge has recently captured the imagination of law enforcement officers worldwide who have taken to posting videos of themselves doing the running man – with varying degrees of success, the rhythmically challenged make up for it by energised bouts of enthusiasm, overall it’s fun to watch. Equally entertaining is watching sane people eating insanely enormous portions of food all in the name of  vomit inducing food challenges.

Pho & Bun have launched the BUNANZA challenge – this challenge is not for the faint –hearted, try scoffing a milky bun burger stacked high with prawns, pork, beef, mango, cheese and not to forget the incredible hybrid bao bun! If you manage to eat this under 15 minutes your bill is waived and a generous £50 gift voucher is awarded, along with your face being immortalised on Pho & Bun’s wall of fame.DSC_3806 copia

If the BUNANZA is a challenge too far, you can always opt for dishes from Pho & Bun’s new menu such as: the brand new Steamed bao bun with 8 hour confit Belly Pork, secret soy sauce, pickle cucumber and chilli mayonnaise; Chargrilled pork lollipops with shitake mushrooms and a new Seafood pho.

The BUNANZA challenge is available throughout the summer, no guarantee that this one will go viral but as far as challenges go this is ideal for the competitive – go on I dare you.

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