Ivana Silvestri


Arial Yoga consists of practising Yoga suspended a few feet off the ground while your body is supported by a suspended soft fabric hammock.

It is really a form of Hatha Yoga with the additional benefit of gaining extra posture support and allowing the body to relax. Personally, in addition to the traditional benefits of Yoga, I found it good fun.

The class I attended was with Ivonne Vogt, a skilled instructor at Aerial Yoga’s Whitechapel studio, conveniently located just a few minutes walk from Whitechapel tube station.Photo 03-10-2015 15 11 17

As often happens in Yoga studios, the attention is emphasised more on the practice itself as opposed to the surroundings; while standing at the entrance, I had the feeling of entering somebody’s house, the practice room is spacious and full of light, which makes for a pleasant environment.

Ivonne is an attentive instructor and provides you with her full attention throughout the class; no specific fitness level is required, classes are really for everyone but Ivonne’s attentive manner did make me feel secure during the most daunting poses – the fact that there where only six hammocks and Ivonne was within easy reach if her help was required only added to my sense of secure, well being.

Inversions were the most difficult part of the session, however, once the feeling of disorientation disappears they (inversions) are fun and really get the blood flowing.

Overall this was a great class, so if you are looking for an enjoyable form of exercise which challenges your comfort zone then I would suggest a session at Aerial Yoga.

Advanced booking is recommended and there are several locations in London. Pricing starts at £15 for a single class but reductions for multiple bookings are also available.DSC_5131

For further information and booking please visit: www.aerialyogalondon.co.uk