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Britons are consumed with technology. So much so, we spend more time on our various ‘smart’ devices than sleeping. (1) Over three-quarters of British adults own a smartphone and we collectively check them (smartphones) over a billion times a day. (2) From ordering food to hiring a cleaner or asking someone to complete those little DIY jobs we can’t bring ourselves to do, we can do anything with the touch of a button. An increasing amount of sectors are turning to applications to expand consumer reach. The restaurant sector is one such example which have been most recent to follow this trend. At EatFirst, we’re leading the way in this area by developing food order applications on a variety of digital platforms, to meet consumer demand.

Having a presence on ‘smart’ platforms is therefore critical for businesses to stay one step ahead of their customer’s needs and no business should discount it.

Leading the Restaurant Revolution

Britain is a nation of food lovers, with the restaurant sector growing by 39% in five years. (3) However in this digital age, it’s becoming more important for restaurants to be increasingly competitive, ensuring that they don’t get left behind, by tapping into the technology market and providing better choice to consumers.

Rahul Parekh -EatFirst

Rahul Parekh -EatFirst

It’s been predicted that us Brits will spend almost £8 billion a year ordering food by the end of the decade, rather than cooking meals, as a result of the smartphone phenomenon. (4) As a result, there’s a growing appetite for healthy and nutritious cuisine being delivered to customer’s doors wherever they are – working late at the office, or simply eating at home with their loved ones. Here at EatFirst, we’re achieving over 30% month-on-month sales growth and have delivered over 100,000 freshly prepared meals to date.

Overtime we’ll likely see a rise in the number of restaurants developing their own apps and delivering their own dishes. And why not? Using a delivery service means as a restaurant you have less control over the end product and the cost for the customer is usually higher. By utilising the latest technology, restaurants can stay one step ahead of consumer needs while providing them with the nutritious cuisine they’re craving at a reasonable price.

The restaurant sector is an example of how an industry, not historically identified as tech savvy, is utilising technology to meet customer expectations while expanding its growth. Other sectors should consider following suit by using these platforms to their advantage. takeaway-40354_640

Below we’ve explained the key ‘smart’ platforms of the moment and why your business should follow restaurateurs and take advantage:

Smart TV

The growing trend of Smart TV is a little known subject. While our viewing habits are changing, TV continues to reach the majority of people, with over 90% of the nation watching the silver screen every week. (5) With its continued popularity, this medium is the future. Maybe your customers are watching their favourite TV show, film or playing a game, they know they can order from your business in an instant without having to swap devices. As a result, it’s a fresh opportunity to provide further convenience to your customers while maintaining an edge over your competitors.

 Smartphone and Tablet Apps

Revenues from Smartphone and Tablet apps are expected to rise to £99 billion by 2019, with the strongest growth to be experienced by lifestyle apps, while approximately 235 billion apps were downloaded globally last year. (6) Apps are going nowhere, and as they become more advanced, businesses are able to be more creative to attract customers and increase sales. Therefore, having a presence on either a Smartphone or Tablet is becoming even more essential to ensure the future profitability of your small business and to take a slice of the action.

Smart Watch

A relatively new phenomenon, having an app on the Smart Watch is becoming a force to be reckoned with. With over 4,000 apps currently available on this medium, having a Smart Watch app allows you to add an extra dimension and functionality to your business, making your customer’s lives that little bit easier. (7) At EatFirst, we were one of the first online restaurants to introduce a Smart Watch app, as we understand our customer’s busy lifestyles, and therefore are focussed on staying one step ahead in order to meet their needs.device-1293326_640

The digital age has meant that customer’s expectations have increased. It’s no longer just about the product or service on offer, but also convenience. Regardless of the sector, brands should be available on multiple devices to increase their customer base, while tapping into a fruitful market. The future of business is online and, as more platforms become available and technology becomes more advanced, it’s important for businesses to utilise technology to secure future growth and profitability.

About the author: Rahul Parekh, is the co-founder of  EatFirst an online restaurant service, delivering chef-made meals across London. Supported by German-based incubator Rocket Internet; one of the world’s largest internet platforms outside of the US and China, EatFirst plans to expand its restaurant experience across both Europe and the globe, and aims to become the biggest online restaurant in the world by 2018.

For further information about EatFirst, please visit: www.eatfirst.com, or download the App from either Google Play or the App Store.


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