Ivana Silvestri


Be Happier. Live Healthier. Perform Better. That is the Floatworks motto and after trying a float at the Vauxhall center I could not agree more. 

Float therapy consists of lying in a tank filled with a saturated Epson salt solution rich in Magnesium; tanks are designed to block out any type of external distractions including gravity, so as to provide an ideal environment for deep relaxation.

The Floatworks center is conveniently located in St George Wharf – very easy to find: it’s just one minute walk from Vauxhall underground and bus station.

On arrival I was welcomed by Floatworks’ amiable Founder and Director Chris Plowman and an equally friendly team, they all made me feel at ease and, as it was my first time, I received full details of what to expect.26170271840_b4592fa71d_n

I was then showed the flotation room and was pleasantly surprised that the entire room was available just for me! There is a shower in each room to use before and after float therapy, organic toiletries are also provided and the door is lockable.

The experience in the tank was amazing; at first I was anxious of feeling slightly claustrophobic but the pod was incredibly spacious that after a few minutes I decided to switch off the lights in order to be able to relax more.

Time in the pod went incredibly fast and stressful thoughts and muscle pain seemed literary to float away.

After using the vanity room where hair dryers and high quality straighteners are provided I was offered a cup of delicious organic tea in the relaxation room.26441404875_dc3c4759ac_n

The entire experience was flawless, the attention to detail was also impressive, the team were incredibly friendly who exhibited exceptional customer service, and frankly I cannot wait to return!

Pricing for a single float start at £55 however, several multiple floats offers are also available.

Advanced booking is recommended due to weekends and week day evenings being extremely busy, for further information please visit: www.floatworks.com