Orla Forrest


Many of us have faced a dilemma over whether or not it is acceptable to use our mobile devices for certain functions in the workplace. While critically important family calls require urgent attention, trivial matters should not detract from your work. This is especially applicable when you are in a business meeting. If a manager sees one of his/her staff engrossed in their mobile phone when they should be paying rapt attention to the meeting, it will not be appreciated.

This infographic from Neon SMS offers guidance as to what is and isn’t acceptable practice for using mobile devices at work. In addition to following basic courtesy such as not taking personal calls at your desk, or not spending time on social media so as to detract from your work, it is also important to be conscious of people around you. That means not shouting down the phone at another person or putting them on loudspeaker to broadcast the entire call to the office.

In terms of general mobile usage, it is good practice to put the phone on silent if at all possible, as constant noise from incoming notifications can irritate your colleagues. If you have no other choice but to leave the sounds activated, make sure that you have a neutral, professional ringtone and not some comedy catchphrase that might be funny when your friends are around but not in a working environment.

While smartphones and tablets are remarkable inventions, unfortunately it is still the case that many people do not observe proper business etiquette with these devices in the workplace. Make sure you’re in no doubt as to where the lines of acceptance are drawn in case you go too far and land yourself in hot water.


About the author: Orla Forrest is a Marketing Executive at Neon SMS, a bulk text marketing company in Ireland.