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Cleverly named, new (to the UK) drinks company Lemonaid and ChariTea is a social enterprise set up to ‘incite and shape the process of social change’. Founded by a trio of friends: Jakob Berndt, Felix Langguth and Paul Bethke; who have all gone beyond their Fairtrade commitment by ensuring that five pence from every bottle of drink sold goes towards their not for profit charitable organization Lemonaid & ChariTea e.v. which supports a variety of development projects.

The sustainable soft drinks contain only ethically grown, organic ingredients sourced from small-scale farming co-operatives in Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Mexico and South Africa.


Choose from Lemonaid Lime, Lemonaid Passion Fruit and Lemonaid Blood Orange. All made from the best quality fresh juices: sweetened with cane sugar, using up to 50% less sugar than regular soft drinks – great for your teeth and waistline!


Made from freshly brewed loose leaf tea, refined with pure fruit juices and lightly sweetened with agave syrup or honey, all the ingredients make for a clean –tasting, uplifting chilled brew. Flavours comprise of: ChariTea Red: Rooibos tea with passion fruit; ChariTea Green: Green tea with ginger and honey; and ChariTea Black: Black tea with lemon.Mate

If you are seeking an extra energy boost, try one devoid of nasty chemicals such as ChariTea Mate (pronounced ma –tay): lightly carbonated, real brewed ice tea derived from full yerba mate leaves, which provides the caffeine boost – twice as much as a Coke, but with the added advantage of containing no processed sugar, it is sweetened instead with natural agave syrup. This wholesome alternative to Red Bull is also the proud recipient of a Great Taste Award and just 17 calories per 100 ml.

Whether paired with food or drunk on their own, Lemonaid and ChariTea also make excellent chasers; vodka and gin are particularly complimentary, you could take it further and use any of the range in cocktails and mocktails.

Lemonaid and ChariTea not only tastes good, they’ll make you physically feel good – containing no chemicals or processed sugar; and they’ll also make you feel spiritually good, knowing that a percentage of profits are going towards the support of small –scale farming co-operatives – so remember to drink socially responsibly!Lemonaid 2

Lemonaid RRP £1.59 per 330 ml bottle and ChariTea RRP £1.29 per 330 ml bottle are both available from selective stockists including; As Nature Intended, Daylesford Organic, GAIL’s Artisan Bakery, Planet Organic and Wholefoods, to name but a few. For further information please visit: and