Sharon Reid


When I worked in retail – almost a lifetime ago, I used to detest having to stand for hours, preferring instead to lean against the counter or I would go downstairs under the pretence of checking stock only to slyly sit down for a few minutes. Oh the irony! I was a mere young pup back then (early 20’s) it’s not that I lacked the strength or vitality to stand for an eight hour shift, I was to put it bluntly just too bone idle!

Fast forward to the present day and I am willingly standing as I slavishly devote myself to Mi Business Mag – I have been using a Varidesk for the past week in an attempt to break my bad sofa habit; as a homeworker my preferred ‘work space’ is the sofa with the lap top  balanced precariously on my lap, I also have the option of working at my work station but this was long abandoned for the cosy sanctuary of my sofa.

Being aware of the health benefits of standing desks makes my predilection for sofa working even more obscene. The various benefits include: good circulation –essential for maintaining physical health; reducing the risk of diabetes; lowering blood pressure; and what I was particularly excited about – weight loss! Using a standing desk burns up to an additional 50 calories per hour!

So what happened when I swapped sitting for standing? Most importantly have I successfully weaned myself off my sofa habit?

Day one

After placing the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 on top of the work station and adjusting the height to accommodate my 5ft 5 stature I am good to go. During the first few minutes I decide to incorporate a little exercise – nothing too ambitious, I choose to balance on one leg intermittently.

After a few hours standing my muscles begin to tire.

Hubby calls and reminds me to move around to keep my blood flowing.

Towards the end of ‘my shift’ both my calf and thigh muscles feel tight – I feel like I’ve just completed an exercise session, which is a good thing as just by standing and (occasionally) moving I have managed to stimulate my muscles.image

Day two

My muscles still ache from yesterday, however as the day progresses the ache lessens.

I feel pretty energised; when I worked sitting down I would often suffer from bouts of fatigue either mid –morning or mid –afternoon, this is no longer an issue due to my improved circulation and standing posture.

Day three

A week before my standing experiment I would get the odd twinge in my lower back – I believe this was due to a lack of exercise and sitting/working on the sofa which have both contributed to a weak lower back. I am relieved to report that my lower back twinge has gone!

Day four

I am definitely becoming more accustomed to standing while working – today I even choose to eat my lunch while in standing position!

Day five

Although this is my last working day of my standing experiment I am so enamoured with the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 that I continue to use it when I needed to use the lap top over the weekend.

Overall verdict:

After consistent use of the Varidesk I am pleased to report that my thighs feel more toned and I had even lost weight – five pounds to be exact! Well, I should add that I was on a ‘vegan detox’ during my Varidesk experience, however, burning up to 50 calories per hour while standing would have contributed to part of my weight loss.

In addition to the weight loss, I also appreciated the banishment of my lower back pain and overall sense of increased energy.

I am indeed a convert to the burgeoning desk standing movement and have continued to use my Varidesk while working, the sofa is now only used for leisure. However, I may switch this us up and use the Varidesk in my spare time; if I can stand in excess of seven hours working, watching a two hour film while standing should be a breeze!

The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is available in black or white and costs £335 (including VAT) from
For further information about the health benefits of standing desks please click here.