Despite the growing threat posed by cyber criminals, a new survey has shown that people in the UK are still more concerned about physical crime.

The research, conducted by security fence specialists One Stop Fencing, found that 62% of us are mostly worried about physical crime. While 38% of the survey respondents suggested that they are now more preoccupied with protecting themselves against hackers, it’s clear that burglars and vandals are still the most pressing worry for the majority.

Although recent studies have suggested that the number of crimes being committed against commercial properties is on the wane, Darren Griffiths, owner of One Stop Fencing, has urged small business owners not to let their guard slip.

“The Home Office confirmed last year that 5.5 million crimes against businesses across six industry sectors were committed between 2012 and 2014, which shows that while incidence rates are falling, business owners really can’t afford to take their eye off the ball,” he commented.

“Cash flow can be extremely tight for your average startup and it’s no exaggeration to say that a break-in can feasibly send a lot of fledgling companies under. It’s crucial that businesses take steps to protect their livelihoods.”cctv-1144371_640

The company also urged business owners to think about long-term costs when allocating their security budgets. A second survey showed that nearly one in three people see alarms as the best, most cost-effective way to protect a property overnight, followed by CCTV (28% of the vote), security guards (15%), motion-sensing floodlights (14%) and security fences (8%).

It’s understandable that your average small business owner will be wary of incurring big one-off costs. However, you have to play the long game and weigh up how much you’re likely to spend (on security measures) in the future,” Darren continued.

You can read about our findings in more detail here.

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