A day in my working life, an occasional series providing an insight into how entrepreneurs spend a typical working day. This week, Martina Mercer who juggles multi –roles as a: Marketing Director, Entrepreneur, Author, Copywriter and mum.

I am the Marketing Director at MoneyMate, Founder of The Consumer Voice, and a freelance Copywriter and Editor at Sunday Woman Magazine. Everyday is different for me due to the fact that I have so many projects and so many clients. One day I could be meeting with the Prime Minister, another I could be at Paris fashion week, more often than not, I’m in my home office working through a never ending to do list while avoiding things that zap my time, such as social media and Skype.

Here’s a typical day in and out of the office

7:00: I’m usually woken with a hand in the face as one of my children will crawl into bed and cuddle me awake. I’m lucky, as my husband gets up twenty minutes earlier than me to make sure I have hot coffee to wake up to.Happy shopping people. Isolated over white backfround.

7:10: While drinking my coffee and coming round I answer the emails I didn’t get round to the day before. I’ll also share updates on several social media channels and say “Good Morning to the world.”

I’m trying to raise investment for The Consumer Voice, a charity I founded five years ago, through Crowd Funder, so I will spend every spare minute sharing news of this and asking people to pledge!

8:30: Once the children are safe at school I settle in the office, I’ll write the day’s to do list and make calls to whoever I’m working with that day. Currently, I’m the marketing director for Money Mate, eight days a month, so this would be prevalent. We’ll discuss tactics, SEO, PR, content marketing and acquisition.

10:00: Following on from a call to a client I will speed through my to do list, tackling any issues that arose and liaising with the sales director, our PR company, our social media managers and contributors. Delegating work to reach our targets.

13:00: I don’t stop for lunch, there’s never any time. My husband works from home and will bring coffees on the hour!

Martina Mercer -

Martina Mercer -MoneyMate and The Consumer Voice

14:00: Everyday PR companies get in touch asking me to review a product or to publish some news on The Consumer Voice or Sunday Woman Magazine. At 14:00 the post arrives and I decide which products to test over the week and set a time on the weekend to make a YouTube video for a review. I’ll also publish any news I think our readers will love, nothing self promotional, useful, fun articles that add value.

15:00: I’ll write some content from scratch for myself, and connect with others about guest post opportunities.

16:00: The children return from school at this time and on most days I’ll finish for an hour to catch up and find out how their days went.  We’ll have an early dinner together and play for a bit.

18:00: I turn into the Fonz (Happy Days) at 18:00, as the children think I finish work at 16:00, so I take my iPad and go to my sanctuary, (the bathroom), to run a bath for us all. I’ll answer emails, update social media, check in with the teams and chat on Skype with the days’ clients about work that’s been completed, all in a big puff of fragrant steam -there’s usually a review product from Lush or urban retreat in the bath!

19:00: I’ll share a bath with my youngest and start the bedtime routine of pudding, pyjamas, stories and cuddles. This all takes a good hour. I’ll then make sure my older two are settled; they work for the Wi-Fi password every day, and can’t wait to get their internet allowance from 19:30 until 21:30.

 20:30: I’ll finally see my husband and will be able to chat to him without constant interruptions. Unfortunately, by this time he’s usually yawning at two minute intervals and trying his hardest not to nod off. We’ll watch something brain numbing on the TV for half an hour before admitting defeat and going to bed.

22:00: I’ll answer more emails as my husband snores and then try to read a book, I love crime writers such as Karen Rose and Alex Marwood!

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