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Are you a serial online dater? Fed up with the cattle market of Tinder? Sick of constantly matching with people but receiving no real intention; been on plenty of dates but had absolutely nothing in common? Sound familiar? HerSmile.com could be the answer.

HerSmile.com is a new dating app which launched officially last month, but unlike other online dating tools it is the first relationship site to assure the intention behind an introduction.

Entrepreneur Cosmo Currey is the brainchild of what could be an online dating revolution. I was fortunate enough to speak with him.

Cosmo has a very interesting background he now lives on the Isle of Man; however he spent three years studying in Moscow before moving to Tokyo to study for a post graduate degree in Japanese. The next three years were spent working full time as a head-hunter in Amsterdam. At 26 with some money saved he came home.

Cosmo Currey - HerSmile

Cosmo Currey – HerSmile

I asked Cosmo how the idea of HerSmile had come about:

“I was in my final year at University in Moscow, one day I was at the train station and caught the eye of an attractive woman on the opposite side of the escalator. She smiled back at me and for those few seconds there seemed to be a connection.

“What stopped us having an interaction was the insuperable barrier between us.”

At home later that evening Cosmo started to think about the relevance of the barrier, and what would happen if the barrier could be removed.couple-1190908_640

Cosmo established HerSmile after undergoing a full year of research, and created it on the basis of the difficulties and frustrations users found with other apps such as Tinder and Happen.

Cosmo points out the three main issues with most dating websites, “intention information and security.” Finding a solution to these barriers became the blueprint for HerSmile:

“HerSmile is changing the way that we profile ourselves online. The idea of eliminating time wasters and ensuring genuine interest is at the core of HerSmile.com.”

Users are asked 16 simple questions when they subscribe which creates the idea of a points in common system, this process reduces the time spent on mismatches and ensures synergy with a potential match. You can also upload not only pictures of yourself but art that interests you, and videos from Youtube, thus creating a more rounded picture of an individual other than just judging the person entirely on physical appearance. Such a way of profiling also removes the selling idea associated with so many apps which leads to a ‘copy and paste mentality’ and deceptive introductory summaries.couple-1190899_640

Her smile is the first online dating website that actually takes into account the evolutionary process of how men and women seek a potential partner. It is within the female genetic make up to seek a partner with much consideration, while the stereotypical male (generally) prefers to ‘sow his oats’ (so to speak).

The site is designed to reflect inherited gender instincts; men pay per opportunity (introduction) and women, for a fixed fee, screen an unlimited number of suitors.

In terms of costs, women pay a monthly subscription (£12) allowing them to initiate contact with a man at any time, receive messages and review the possibility of contact. Men, who have no subscription, buy introductions/credits (£4 with a minimum purchase of three); a man confirms his genuine interest by using one credit to send his first, introductory message. Her ‘Smile’ lets him know whether the interest is mutual and if further contact can be made. If the recipient doesn’t reply, HerSmile returns the credit for use again in future introductions.

Women are essentially in the driving seat and know that as the man has had to pay to message them, the intention behind the introduction is real. It’s not dissimilar to a man buying a woman a drink in the bar and costs about the same too!couple-1226161_640

Cosmo reveals to me a mind boggling fact pertaining to the future of dating, “by 2040 70% of us will have met our partners online.”

Yet for many of us onling dating is nothing more than a lottery. HerSmile is the first website that really takes into consideration what happens in real life and has put this reality online.

It’s amazing when you think of an industry that is worth over $2 billion and growing at a rate of five percent every year that this hasn’t been done before.

With over 500 subscriptions so far and massive expansion plans worldwide we wish Cosmo every success with his new venture.


For further information please visit: www.hersmile.com