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The first time I heard about Callanetics was when I asked a stunning 70 something year old woman what form of exercise she used to practice. Not only did she have a perfect body, there was something about her walk and posture that was reminiscent of a ballet dancer; she stood tall, looked agile, flexible and was very elegant.

Callanetics was invented by Callan Pinckney, a trained ballet dancer, after suffering a series of injuries and being diagnosed with a congenital back problem. Callan developed a series of safe exercises suitable for everyone and, most importantly, incredibly effective.

Her exercise method had been very popular in both the 80’s and 90’s but somehow forgotten with the rise in popularity of other disciplines such as Pilates. DVD’s of this vintage style of exercise can be easily found, if you are able to get over the leotards (optional) I implore you to give it a try, the results are amazing!

I have a Callanetics DVD and have practiced Callan’s excercise method for a couple of years and I have seen great results, however, the class I attended with Sarah Coombes from Callanetics in London simply took this distinct, classic exercise to a different level.

Sarah Coombes - Callanetics in London

Sarah Coombes – Callanetics in London

Sarah is an attentive teacher; during the one hour class she gave constant attention to participant’s individual abilities and difficulties; she focused on exercises that isolate specific muscle groups and demonstrated how to activate said muscles with tiny little pulses.

The exercises are gentle yet incredibly hard if performed correctly; the secret of Callanetics is in the precision of movements and Sarah worked throughout the class to correct individual postures in order to maximize the benefits.

The class ended with a few minutes of blissful relaxation.

The atmosphere created by Sarah was very relaxing and informal, no competition, no judgment; each person attending was encouraged to exercise to the best of their ability but at their own pace.image

I followed Sarah’s advice and stopped when my body was telling me to. The day after attending the Callanetics in London class my muscles benefitted from the full power of Callanetics performed correctly, I soon came to realize that I have muscles I was not previously aware of! Imagine the feeling of something deep in your core being activated – this is the effect of Callanetics.

Callanetics promises to change and improve body shape, strengthen muscles without adding bulk and is a safe form of exercise for everyone. After attending the Callanetics in London class I continue to be an avid convert and will follow my DVD’s with renewed vigour!

Classes are held at two Central London Locations on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Pricing is very affordable from £5* for a taster class, £10** for the ‘drop in’ class and from £55 for five classes.


For booking and further information please visit: callaneticslondon.com.



*Tuesday evenings

** Saturday mornings