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Setting up your very own office is a pretty big deal and something you’re likely to take great care in doing so. Whether you’ve been working from the sofa in the comfort of your home, taking the leap to your own office space is an incredible business leap. 

Naturally you’re going to be excited when setting up your own office but letting that excitement take over could mean you end up forgetting the finer details.

From getting the location spot on to the kind of culture you want to develop in your office there’s a whole host of things you need to consider when setting up shop so to speak.

The Right Office for You

It can be all too easy to follow the paths of others and whilst sometimes this can help you to learn from their mistakes, finding your own way will allow you to create your businesses journey. Simply because one person says that XYZ is great for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Emily Jarvis, Business Consultant, Freelance Writer

Emily Jarvis

Look at the needs of your business when determining your office requirements. Do you require warehouse storage? Will you need meeting rooms? What kind of facilities do you want to provide for staff and clients? Asking yourself some essential questions will help you to plan out exactly what you require.

Office Types

Firstly, you’ll need to consider the type of office your business needs. This will depend on how many staff you have at present, your expansion rate and what you need to operate your business.

Co-working spaces and virtual offices are two popular office trends at the moment, enabling businesses to have flexible attitudes to their office spaces with a scale up, scale down approach depending on the needs of the business.

Serviced offices still remain popular though allowing business owners to skip the hassle of setting up and installing telephone and broadband connections, at a busy time this can help to alleviate the pressure on you.Calibre-Office Furniture, Office Design, Office, Co-Workers, Laptop, Bright Break Out Furniture

Preistgate Business Centre* is at the heart of Peterborough’s historic city centre and has seen the impact that shared offices can have on the community, “We’ve been home to a number of innovative companies taking advantage of our central location, and it’s provided them not only the chance to grow but to collaborate between the various companies based here, creating a peer-to-peer network.”

Location, Location, Location

Location is crucial to many businesses and getting your postcode right can help to boost your business credentials, get it wrong and you could be damaging your reputation more than you think.

It’s likely where you choose top open your first office space will be dependent on a few factors; the kind of business you’re running, cost and travel links. Whilst initially these may be your main concerns it’s essential you look to the future too.

Consider how your location will impact the growth of your business and its ability to attract clients and employees. Is your brand visible in this location? What other businesses operate in the area? All of these impact how your business looks to the outside world. Finally, make sure your location matches your business values.london-bridge-882369_640

Connectivity Speeds

These days we’re all reliant upon a strong internet connection to allow us to complete our day, when speeds are slow it can be so frustrating for you and your employees.

Do your research and check out broadband speeds before you commit to an office premises, ask landlords and fellow businesses what the internet is like. You can also check speeds in your desired location with a location based broadband checker** to help avoid any nasty internet surprises when you move in.

Culture Matters

Culture is big news when it comes to your office and something you’ll need to establish from the get go. Many employees are looking towards innovative workplaces and striving for a better work life balance, with employers looking to see what they can do to beat their competitors, corporate culture really does matter.

Take inspiration from the big names with enviable office cultures, such as Google and Innocent Drinks, both are renowned for being amazing places to work. Free meals (loaded with fruit and vegetables to keep it nutritional!), break out areas, games and regular fun activities all lead to a positive workplace.foosball-table-189846_640

Culture also extends to how you interact with your staff and also ties in with your company branding. Celebrating the big and little achievements, keeping an open dialogue with employees and keeping the office productive and fun will all help to keep your company a great place to work.

Setting up your office is a long process, but certainly one that will pay off. Ensure that you do your research and take a careful and considered approach to your very first offices.

About the author: Emily Jarvis is a former business consultant, she is currently working as a freelance writer sharing her expert advice and tips within the business industry.


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