Sharon Reid


Let the Chinese New Year celebrations begin by raising a glass/can of Tsingtao (pronounced Ching Dow) beer; an authentic Chinese beer produced by one of China’s leading breweries. Tsingtao’s rich heritage comes by way of Germany, founded by German settlers in 1903; the brand has gone on to become the world’s second largest beer brand by sheer volume. Tsingtao is sold in more than 50 countries worldwide and accounts for more than 50 percent of China’s total beer exports. Furthermore, Tsingtao is the number-one branded consumer product exported from China.

To commemorate Chinese New Year, Tsingtao’s limited edition Year of the Monkey is bound to hit the spot with its mineral-rich spring water derived from the Laoshan Mountains and hand picked native rice, resulting in a clean, crisp taste, making this celebratory beverage an ideal accompaniment to food.

Find out why this beers’ popularity is justified by trying Tsingtao.

The Tsingtao Year of the Monkey packs are available in Tesco, priced £4.50 for 4 x 330ml. Tsingtao is also available in the majority of Chinese restaurants nationwide, along with selective pubs and bars. For further information please visit: