Sharon Reid


The amount of water I consume can rival a camel, it was not always this way, there was a time before I discovered the thirst quenching qualities of water my tipple of choice was either ginger beer (I know!), black current Ribena (can it get any sweeter?!) The closest I got to anything remotely healthy was orange juice – freshly squeezed not that concentrate muck! My health rehabilitation has been so effective that the other aforementioned sweet beverages rarely,…… scrap that, virtually NEVER pass my lips.

Despite my preference for H2O, I understand why a lot of people just don’t get the appeal, the general consensus is the lack of taste, of course there is the option of flavoured water – I’m more of a purist and tend to avoid any artificial flavourings. However, I am not adverse to enhancing the flavour naturally by adding a slice of lemon – great for increasing alkaline levels, for those of you who are a little more adventurous there is the Zing Anything products, which are designed to extract the natural essence from ingredients in order to infuse water, iced tea, a cheeky vodka or whatever you would like to zing!

More than a thirst quencher

Did you know?

  • A 2% decrease in your body’s water levels can lead to a dip in concentration
  • Drinking one glass 30 minutes before a meal helps digestion
  • Drinking one glass before taking a bath helps lower blood pressure
  • Drinking one glass before going to bed avoids stroke or heart attack
  • Drinking two glasses after waking up activates internal organs

If you need to enhance the flavour of water to increase your consumption – to obtain all the benefits listed above, then check out the Zing Anything range:

Citrus Zinger Sport £16.99 Firebox.comCitrus Zinger Sport - Zing Anything Products, water bottle, Sports bottle,

Ideal for: Taking to the gym or participating in sports/exercise due to the leak-free bottle, includes a flip-up straw for spill-free hydration on-the-go!

Kid Zinger £14.50 SelfridgesKid Zinger, Zing Anything, water bottle

Ideal for: Encouraging children to drink more water also providing them with a vitamin boost from the fruit used to infuse the water. Contributing to their five a day!

Zingo £11.99 John LewisZingo -Zing Anything, Lemon squeezed

Ideal for: Convenience; it’s compact, lightweight, and available in an array of vibrant colours. Simply unscrew the bottom cup of the Zingo, flip the body onto the top cap, and press half a citrus into the reamer. Screw the bottom lid back on, add water through the cap opening, shake and enjoy!

Aqua Zinger £18.99 IWOOTAqua Zinger, Zing Anything, Strawberries and blackcurrants

Ideal for: Grinding all your fruits and vegetables, mix and match and get creative; the flavours and ingredients are only limited by your imagination. A leak-proof cap is included so you can Zing in the car, on the treadmill, at the office, or anywhere on the go.

Z54 – 1.6L Water Infusing Carafe £40 AmaraZ54 Water Infusing Carafe, Zing Anything, Fresh fruit

Ideal for: Preparing flavoured water on a grand scale. The 1.6L carafe comes complete with a muddler, citrus press, vacuum seal lid and a pouring lid meaning you have everything you need to produce flavoured water from any fruit, vegetables and herbs with ease.

Perfect for dinner parties and barbecues and garden parties during the summer months.

To pep up your H2O on the go get zinging!


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