Sharon Reid


Back in the mid 90’s you would be forgiven for thinking that almost every person toiling in an office using a keyboard were afflicted with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), a debilitating condition caused by overusing the hands, wrists, arms or shoulders on a repeated basis. Muscles become injured and inflamed; however, if left untreated, the condition can be permanently disabling.

Although RSI no longer garners as much media interest as it did during its 90’s hey day, this condition still exists. According to a study conducted by Penclic, RSI is amongst the top ten causes of serious workplace injuries. Penclic, has made it their mission to prevent and reduce RSI through its specially designed mouse and keyboards. Relatively new to the UK, the Penclic keyboard is being adopted by both progressive companies and individuals.RSI

Combining contemporary Scandinavian design, with function and ergonomics, the Penclic is set to disrupt computer hardware. Products from the range include:

The Penclic B3 – £80penclic-mouse-b3_bluetooth

The innovative pen grip mouse creates a relaxed and natural working position counteracting health problems (RSI) – obtained from using a traditional computer mouse.

The K2 Keyboard  – From £45K2 Keyboard

Compact in size this device allows you to position your hands to help reduce RSI issues from occurring. The comfortable quiet-touch keys minimise noise and require little typing effort. The keyboard gives off minimal reflection, and usually matches the colour on your computer screen. This is a visual ergonomic improvement, implemented to enhance user experience. The contemporary and relaxing colours make the keyboard as easy on your eyes as it is on your fingertips.

The Penclic Mini Keyboard is offered in two models, a wireless K2 and a corded C2 both are designed to fit any computer.

Although these innovative pieces of kit are not cheap, the cost of banishing RSI into the annals of 90’s history is priceless!

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