A day in my working life, an occasional series providing an insight into how entrepreneurs spend a typical working day. This week, João Botelho from Casa Botelho.

I am the founder and Creative Director of Casa Botelho Limited, an interior decorating and design consulting company which provides adaptable and flexbile plans to dress homes and address people’s needs. I am also the Managing Director at Donna Karan New York in the UK.

6:00: My two handsome spaniels, Prince and Oscar wake me up every day, which to me is the perfect way to start my day. I am an early guy and in order to get everything done in the morning a 6:00 am start suits me fine. Before I take the out ‘boys’ on our morning walk at London Fields in Hackney, I stop by my Nespresso machine to indulge in my favourite drink of the day – Ristretto double espresso.While I drink it, I spend time looking at my social media; both personal and business accounts.

6:30: By this time Prince and Oscar are dying to get out of the house so when they hear the sound of the keys in my hands they know it is time to have some fun. They go mad with excitement and jump around like crazy. I stop to chat with some buddies in the park while the boys play around. Sometimes we run together which is something I need to do more often. When we get back home it is feeding time for the boys.

João Botelho - Casa Botelho

Prince, Oscar & João Botelho – Casa Botelho

7:00: I make myself another coffee which tastes as delicious as the first one. I do some work on Casa Botelho and look at my emails.  I love clearing my emails and to respond to people as soon as possible.

7:45: Time to get ready for work. I am fast; by the time I finish my shower I know what I am going to wear. Sometimes I eat breakfast but normally there isn’t enough time.

8:15: The boys know that when I have my coat on it is time for daddy to go to work. So they run to the garden room where they have their comfy beds and wait for me! Both know there is a treat on its way so they are well behaved. I make sure the music and lights are on so they feel warm and have company. I jump on my scooter and I am at work within 30 minutes.

8:45: I arrive at my office on Conduit Street in London. My team and I group in the kitchen for a bonding session, after, we start our morning meetings on the shop floor where we either discuss business results from the day before or week ahead. We also look at new arrivals and take photos to post on social media or send via whatsapp for our clients.

10:00: The store opens and we are ready to rock! I spend the rest of the morning looking at reports, reading emails and building strategies. I may have another coffee before lunch.image

12:00: I like to spend time on the shop floor with my team and browse through the store ensuring everything is in the right place and looking beautiful. There are always clients in the store to entertain and talk to.

13:00: Time for lunch. I either eat in my office or I am out with clients, which happens quite often; it depends how busy I am or what is on.

14:00: New York is awake and the emails start to come in. It is time to look at more detailed reports and analyse the Donna Karan and DKNY Key Performance Indicator (KPI) results.

15:00: Conference calls with my peers start early afternoon and last for about two to three hours. Conference calls can be with marketing, PR, merchandising, production or the sales team.

17:00: I like to visit our sister store in Bond Street or our wholesale accounts. Spending time with the team on the floor and connecting with them is one of my favourite things to do. I also ensure the windows and the product display are looking perfect and up to company standards.IMG_2582A

18:30: Time to go home! It takes me about 25 to 35 minutes to ride my scooter back home depending on the traffic and of course the weather.

19:00: I look forward to going home. The boys are waiting for me with happy smiley faces and their tails wagging like crazy. They are fed and then I take them for a short walk. When I get back I look at social media again, post photos for Casa Botelho, work on new projects or reply to text messages and emails.

I connect with the stores for the last time by checking the final figures sent by email.

20:00:  Every evening I love to wine and dine with my husband Laurent. We make an effort to cook a nice meal and drink a few glasses of wine. It is a great way to enjoy each other’s company and touch base on various things.

21:00: By this time we are sitting down watching TV with the boys next to us.  Although they have their own bed they try to jump on the sofa wanting attention, they require a lot of cuddles and we are happy to indulge.

22:00: I either watch the news or a series depending what’s on. If the TV options are too boring – it normally is, my options are either to read or continue to work on Casa Botelho projects….. Never a dull moment!

23:00: Bed time!

For further information about Casa Botelho please visit: www.casabotelho.com