Emma Cogbill


Looking to break up the January doom and gloom by adding a bit of excitement? Then book in a session at Lets Race and Lets Golf!

On a very wet Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago I visited Lets Race and Lets Golf with a friend of mine. Located near Gatwick in Horley, Lets Race is the only full motion Formula 1 simulator venue in the UK which offers a unique race experience via 10 networked full-motion F1 Simulators, in addition to three HD golf simulators which offer golfing enthusiasts the chance to play (virtually) on some of the world’s best courses.

Our first experience of the day was Lets Race

On arrival we were immediately greeted by friendly, helpful staff who signed us in and guided us to the race track where we watched a group whose race experience were already under-way. The blacked-out race room complete with full motion simulators along with a large booming sound system added to the atmosphere; the excitement is reinforced while you witness people getting stuck into the simulated action; we could feel the adrenalin pumping  and were glad when  it was our turn.image

We were amongst a group of eight, and after a 15 minute safety briefing delivered by an extremely knowledgeable guide: our brief comprised of a 15 minute qualifying session and a telemetry review……Briefing complete, our 15 minute race experience began in earnest.

We drove the Canada race track. The Formula 1 cars are state of the art simulators with the exact look and feel of the real thing. As we were allocated a car, I could actually feel the nerves building; you climb inside as you would a real car, along with having full gears and peddle control. The motion is very realistic; you move around the track as if in an actual car, making the whole experience much more life like than a computer game.

The driving is actually more difficult than it first seems. Imagine having full control of an actual car, driving at speeds over 200 mph, add trying to navigate and the whole experience is actually pretty tough. The graphics on the computer screens are brilliant and I even got slight motion sickness due to the extremely realistic feeling.

It is certainly exhilarating once you factor in the high -speed driving, vigorous gear changing and steering, the whole experience is actually quite physical.image

You are told at the end of the race how you fared and needless to say I was last! But hey it’s the taking part that counts!

Lets Race is a novel idea and being able to experience what it’s like to be at the helm of a real race car whilst being in the complete safety of a simulator is what F1 dreams are made of!

At £22 (pp) Let’s Race is great value for money this unique experience makes for a great day out for friends or a good option for team building courtesy of the centre’s corporate packages.

Lets Golfimage

Lets golf offers three HD golf simulators, this enables enthusiasts the chance to play virtually on some of the best courses in the world from St. Andrews to the PGA National. You can either bring your own clubs, or use the clubs provided. The golf ball and club are accurately tracked which shows where the ball ends up on the course, crucial club/ball data are also displayed – enabling players to self-diagnose and immediately improve their game.

However, if you are a complete novice like myself it would be helpful to have some basic instructions from the staff. The centre does have Steve Furlonger, a PGA Golf Professional, who if you book in advance does offer one to one and group coaching sessions but just some basic information about which clubs to use would have been useful.

Nevertheless my friend and I muddled our way through and had a lot of fun. I am not sure I will be taking up golf any time soon though as I seemed to end up in a fair amount of bunkers and trees!image

Lets golf starts at £15 (pp).

The whole experience was fantastic, the centre is designed to offer both golf and racing enthusiasts a financially feasible opportunity to drive and/or play on some of the world’s best tracks and golf courses.

This fun and unique experience can be enjoyed whatever the weather so if you fancy something a bit different this January banish the blues by booking Lets Race and Lets Golf!


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