Rebecca Moore


‘The early bird catches the worm’

Anna Wintour, Richard Branson, Tim Cook they are all incredibly well known, successful and inspirational – but apart from these three things, what else do they have in common?

They are all morning people, and start their day before 6 am.

Harnessing the power of early mornings will raise you to their level overnight, but hey – its worth trying! It’s a fact that we are generally at our most energetic in the mornings (once a power shower has washed away the last traces of sleep!), although most of us spend our early mornings trying to cram an extra 30 minutes of sleep in.

Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore

But what if I could offer you a few pieces of advice that would help you gain even an extra 15 minutes in the morning, just imagine the possibilities!

Get Up At the Same Time Everyday

Pick a time that would be ideal for you during the week, and stick to it at the weekends too. Even if you just use it to go downstairs and have a leisurely coffee and flick through the headlines on a Saturday morning. Consistency is key here, and eventually you won’t even think about it, you will become the morning person that you always wanted to be!

Louise O’Leary from StandBy Method Acting* tells us her trick. “Have something that makes you want to jump out of bed – having a job you are passionate about is key. It might sound like airy fairy stuff, but it really works!”

Embrace the Morning Burn

Get out of bed and straight into your running shoes, although if running doesn’t float your boat, find another heart pumping exercise, running for the bus doesn’t count! Exercise gets your endorphins flowing, setting you up for a great day ahead. It also influences our eating decisions for the rest of the day, and you WILL make better choices.morning-jump-bed

You also burn fat working out before breakfast (Google fasted cardio), making it a super effective time to work out.

Have a nightly affirmation

Set your intentions before you drift off to sleep – repeat firmly that you will get up and remind yourself why you WANT to do it and what you will achieve.

We all need a pep talk sometimes, if you need a little more inspirational to wake up and be awesome – you need some Kid President* in your life.Woman drinking a glass of water, water, H2o

Drink a Glass of Water (and also just cut back on your sugar intake, period)

After getting your eight (I’m an optimist) hours sleep your boy will be dehydrated, which will elevate feelings of fatigue and fire up your metabolism.

It also purges toxins from your system and enables your body to absorb nutrients more effectively.

Sugar is a toxin, and the less refined sugar we eat, the healthier we will be, swapping all of your liquid intake for water, fruit/green teas (ok, you can have ONE coffee!) will have a great impact on your well-being.

Stop Smoking

Apart from the obvious damaging side effects of cigarettes, the habit will thwart your plans of morning greatness. You simply cannot function at your full potential without a good night’s sleep and having similar effects to caffeine on the body, nicotine will put a stop to quality sleep.Cigarette. ashtray, cigarette butts, fags, nicotine

“The nicotine in cigarettes can actually disrupt your predetermined biological rhythm, disrupting sleep patterns and causing you to wake frequently,” Darren Sharples from Cloudstix*** tells us. “Many people are switching to products like ours because they are able to choose a lower level of nicotine and regain a full night’s sleep whilst stopping smoking altogether”

Don’t expect too much too soon, if you have been battling with the snooze button for most of your life, you can’t expect yourself to start rising at 5:30 am. But setting the alarm and getting up a little earlier each week will soon see on your way to success, whatever that means for you!


About the author Rebecca Moore is a business student by day, writer of all things tech and strategy by night. Fully endorsing the millennial attitude and striving to inspire employers to turn their outdated heirachal structures on their head by looking to engage, inspire and motivate!