With the evenings drawing in over the next few months, commuters will be faced with leaving home in the dark and returning in the dark! On average around 4pm the streets will go dark*. This means that when working 9-5 commuters won’t travel to and from work in the daylight, until February!

Why do we need vitamin D and why is it so crucial during the winter months?

  • Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin because exposure to UVB rays from the sun helps the body produce Vitamin D
  • Only 10% of the body’s Vitamin D comes from the food we eat, so if we aren’t getting the right amounts from sunlight we can be in danger of deficiency
  • Children under five years old, adults over 65 years and pregnant women are at greater risk of Vitamin D deficiency
  • Vitamin D is needed for healthy teeth and bones because it helps regulate the body’s calcium and phosphateimage

Did you know? In the absence of sunlight, the brain produces more of the ‘sleep hormone’- melatonin and many people tend to slow down and experience more fatigue and in more serious cases Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Try topping up your Vitamin D levels during the darker winter months with a good quality food supplement.  Try Quest Vitamins new Forte D 4000, which comes in a tasty, chewable, orange flavoured tablet.


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