What are the real-world fears that most humans succumb to?

Alex Hedger, Clinical Director of independent Cognitive Behavioural Therapy clinics, Dynamic You, lists the five fears we are hard-wired to fret and panic about.

1. Fear of Rejection– humans are pack animals, for the simple reason that we are more likely to stay alive the longer we stay together. As a result, many of us are constantly haunted by the possibility that we will not be accepted or made part of the pack. We feel instantly vulnerable.

2. Fear of Change– our minds are designed to keep everything constant. When change occurs, it can instantly turn on the mind’s threat system and cause us to look for potential new dangers. This can send us into overdrive, especially if the change is a material one, e.g. divorce, loss of a job.fear-1027573_640

3. Fear of Failure– that belief that you’re ‘just not good enough’ is not a pleasant one, but it can be surprisingly common in both our personal and working lives. Our minds can build up a fear of failure to try and prevent us from experiencing negative emotions that come from failing, but sadly the fear of failure itself can lead to negative emotions!

4. Fear of Death– we’re the only species that, to our knowledge, understands it will die. At various points in our lives, we can sometime fail to compartmentalise this awareness of our own mortality. It can start to dominate our thought processes and make it harder to see anything we do as meaningful.

5. Fear of Losing Control– losing control can make us feel vulnerable and in danger, so many of us overcompensate and require ourselves to be in total control of all aspects of our lives at all times. The fear of losing control often becomes more frightening than the reality of actually losing control.fear-1027574_640

Alex comments: 

“Real human fear is far more basic than worries about witches, goblins and ghosts. The fears most of us experience tend to link back to the fundamental instincts of survival and the pack. Our need for constancy, predictability and acceptance is always lurking in the dark recesses of our minds and tends to manifest itself in the fear of rejection, change, failure, death and loss of control.”


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