Deciding on the right marketing mix for your company can be a challenge. From social media campaigns to printed press, direct mail, radio and TV ads, there are a host of options to consider. In terms of results and value for money though, it’s hard to beat field marketing. This way of reaching out to potential customers in person at their homes or in public places can work wonders for a range of organisations. Here are three reasons why it’s worth considering field marketing.

1) Only pay for results

Achieving an impressive return on investment is a must for all marketing initiatives. Splashing lots of cash on speculative campaigns that may or may not bring the results you’re looking for can be too much of a risk. One of the best things about using field sales representatives to promote your goods or services is the fact that you can keep firm control over the costs. Specialist service providers such as the Appco Group can run these campaigns on your behalf and you will only pay for the results they actually deliver. This can help to take some of the stress and uncertainty out of planning your promotional activities and it means you can be confident that you’ll benefit from an impressive ROI.

2) Cut through the marketing noise

Field campaigns can also help you to cut through the general marketing noise. These days, people are bombarded with promotional messages by email, on websites, on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines, through the post and on billboards. This can make them numb to much of the advertising material they see and hear. Field marketing is different though. By sending face-to-face customer acquisition specialists out to meet potential customers, you stand a better chance of making a connection with them and getting their attention. This can help to give your campaigns an edge.japan-952026_640

3) Gain valuable customer insights

Another key benefit associated with these initiatives is the fact that unlike most other forms of promotion, field marketing allows you to have a dialogue with potential customers and to get valuable insights into their opinions about your products, services and deals. By collecting information from your teams in the field, you can find out what people are thinking and saying about your organisation. In turn, this can help you to hone your offerings and refine your brand image.

Given the many benefits associated with field marketing, it’s not hard to see why so many businesses around the world are taking advantage of these techniques.


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