Britain’s most luxurious office has been unveiled boasting gold bathrooms suites and Armani interior.

The jaw-dropping commercial building has been designed to feel more like a super-prime home than a run-of-the-mill office.

It has been kitted out with an Art Deco style Statuario Michelangelo marble and ‘gold’ staircase and ‘gold’ plated Armani-hotel style executive washrooms.

The ‘gold effect’ is an ultra-expensive treatment to polished brassware resulting in a brilliant gold-bar finish.Britain's Most Expensive Office-SWNS_WESTEND_OFFICES_07

Wood from a 16th century monastery in Tuscany has been shipped across for the office‘s flooring.

The premises, in Mayfair, are the work of Enstar Capital, which wanted to make the workplace as comfortable as the home.

Company bosses Simon Lyons and Farid Alizadeh decided to carry out the £4 million refurbishment because they loved eating at celeb restaurant La Petite Maison, which is on the ground floor.

They have done a deal with the eaterie so whoever leases the workplace can get in-office dining.Britain's Most Expensive Office-SWNS_WESTEND_OFFICES_02

Champagne, snacks or a three course meal will be able to be delivered piping hot from the restaurant directly into the offices.

There are two floors of 2,000 sq/ft available, with each level costing £250,000 per year. Enstar is using the top floor as its headquarters.

Simon Lyons, joint chief executive of Enstar Capital, said: “Offices should be as good as homes.

“Local business people think nothing of spending £5 millon to £100 million on a Mayfair home, spending hundreds of pounds per square feet fitting it out, yet will work nearby in offices which are nowhere near the standard of luxury or quality.Britain's Most Expensive Office-SWNS_WESTEND_OFFICES_06

“People spend a third of their lives at work, so this is why we have fitted these premises out to a luxury-resi finish.

“Gold Armani washrooms, automatic lighting, luxury flooring and in-office restaurant dining, it’s the best office address in Mayfair.”


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