Sharon Reid


Cooking duck well is the holy grail for many budding cooks, personally I have never attempted this due to being a my pescatarian leanings. However, it transpires that cooking duck is a lot more simple than perceived, so roll your sleeves up and get stuck into Bel and The Dragon’s Maple Glazed Breast of Gressingham Duck with Shredded Purple Kale recipe.


1 (170 -200g) Gressingham Duck breast

35g Blanched Purple kale

60ml Maple duck jus

Duck Sauce:

Juice of 3 oranges

2 star anis

½ stick cinnamon

1 tsp coriander seed

500ml chicken jus

3 sprigs thyme

75g maple syrup

A splash of sherry vinegar

To make the sauce:

Reduce to a glaze the orange juice with all the ingredients except for the chicken jus and sherry vinegar.

Once reduced add the jus and reduce by half then add the sherry vinegar to give the jus a zingy tasting finish.


Score the duck breast then place skin down on a heavy based pan over a medium heat to render the fat of the skin down.

Cook it like this for about 4 minutes, pouring off the excess fat.

Turn the breast over and cook on the flesh side and roast for 3 minutes.

Leave to rest somewhere warm.

To serve heat your duck up in a hot oven and place on bed of steamed shredded kale.

Glaze with the duck sauce.