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Having access to delicious cocktail recipes has encouraged my cocktail habit and also increased my mixing skills – current cocktail of choice is an Old Fashioned, my taste for Don Draper’s favourite tipple is bordering on the obsessive and I have now taken to making it at home. Tipplesworth’s Travelling Cocktail Cases would be a welcome addition in my household and a great way of preparing drinks that could match the ‘quality of any cocktail bar’ – well, according to Tipplesworth Founder, Frankie Snobel, somewhat of a mixologists veteran whose 10 year plus experience includes working at various cocktail bars and events around the world. Frankie’s enthusiasm for mixing cocktails, coupled with her passion for vintage bar accessories were contributing factors behind Tipplesworth.

The range


Apple & Elderflower

Old Fashioned

The Cocktail Cases

It is worth mentioning the quirky hand –made vintage style suitcases which house the aforementioned cocktail kit and includes all the required accoutrements: premium ingredients, professional barware, glassware and recipe cards.

The cases are produced in small runs and are crafted in a European factory dating back to the 1920’s.Tipplesworth -Dark Chocolate Martini-Mini Cocktail Kits, Cocktail Recipe, Martini, Cocktail, Tin, Creme de Cacao, Vodka

There are also a mini range of cocktail kits – a scaled down version which also features key ingredients, recipe cards and a cocktail stirrer or stick – a vital piece of equipment no self –respecting cocktail mixologists could do without! These cute kits are contained in a useful tin, and cocktails available include:Tipplesworth -DCM-MK-open-allelements-v3

Classic Martini

Old Fashioned

Chocolate Martini

If you like your bubbles complimented with fruit, then check out the Sparkling Cocktail Trio of natural fruit liqueurs: blackcurrant, strawberry and raspberry, all presented in a tasteful printed box with the recipes for: Rossini, Kir Royale and Kir Imperial on the back of said box.Tipplesworth -PUYB-straighton-v2

The Tipplesworth Cocktail Cases, Mini Cocktail Kits and Sparkling Cocktail Trio all make for excellent gifts – either for others or yourself and are a great way to hone in on any latent mixing skills. Celebrate London Cocktail Week (5th -11th October) in vintage style by making yourself a Tipplesworth cocktail.

Tipplesworth Cocktail cases RRP – £185. Mini Cocktail Kits RRP – £19.95. Sparkling Cocktail Trio RRP – £19.95.


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