Sharon Reid


According to research wearing glasses can hamper your chances when it comes to dating and finding a job!

The popularity of laser eye surgery to correct eyesight has soared in recent years with over 100,000 patients in the UK receiving treatment each year; these numbers may have something to do with the way people who wear glasses are perceived especially in terms of attractiveness. A study carried out by laser eye surgery specialists RightClinic asked participants to cite which image of the same male and female models they found more attractive, one image of the model was presented with glasses, the other without. The poll revealed that 71% of women surveyed found the male models without glasses to be more appealing. 57% of men found the female model more attractive without glasses.

People who took the poll considered the models without glasses to be more trustworthy (21%) whereas the specs appeal of the models with glasses seemed to be deemed higher at (31%).

As we learn to navigate an increasing shallow world where our looks are judged before personality, the survey revealed that those who wear glasses do not fare too well on dating apps/sites, unsurprisingly more people rely on looks alone when making dating decisions: 61% of the participants said they would be less likely to connect with someone who wore glasses – if you are looking for a date, ditch the glasses!glasses-789836_640

Unfortunately wearing glasses is no longer a short –hand reference for intelligence, this view is now deemed outdated – only  22.2% believe this well –worn stereotype.

Most damning is the revelation by 55% of employers who are less likely to hire someone who wears glasses! Petra 29, a Production Assistant can relate to this. “Not sure whether it’s coincidental, but whenever I interview wearing my glasses I never get beyond the second stage interview. I appear to be more successful when I wear my contact lenses!”

These hackneyed notions towards glasses come as a bit of a surprise especially when you consider the continuing trend for wearing oversized non –prescription glasses. However the research found that 54% of those surveyed wore glasses or contact lenses, and over 60% of them had considered Laser Eye Surgery (LES).lasers-495751_640

Dr. Ganesh Rao, founder and CEO of RightClinic also identifies the outdated attitude towards wearing glasses as a reason for undergoing laser eye surgery:

“It seems that many of us still harbour outdated attitudes towards glasses, despite the latest trends for wearing glasses even when they aren’t needed! It’s perhaps unsurprising that the number of people electing to have laser eye surgery is growing rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. However having LES isn’t just for cosmetic reasons, the freedom of being able to go swimming and participate in other sports without worrying about glasses or contact lenses is life changing.”

It is important to remember that LES is still a surgical procedure and anyone considering it should carry out their research into the reputation and reliability of the clinic before making an informed decision.


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