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Those of you who recently made it down to the Tequila and Mezcal Fest  may have been fortunate to sample premium tequila brands La Cava and Casco Viejo, both brands are produced by the Camarena brothers, a family –owned tequila distillery and the third largest owners of agave plantations in Mexico.

The Camarena family’s tequila history runs deep; descended from Spanish immigrants, the early family members immigrated to Mexico during the early 18th Century – in 1761 they co-founded the town of Arandas which is still home to the family’s tequila distillery. In 1860 the Camarena’s first planted agave on their Arandas estates.

La CavaEmporio Brands -La Cava Silver

La Cava de Don Agustin proudly bears the name of the distillery’s founder Don Agustin Camarena, he is also the great –grandfather of the current master blender Mauricio Camarena.

Made from 100% agave grown from the family’s estates, the agave is baked for 60 hours in traditional brick ovens. The tequila is then slowly fermented for a period of 72 -84 hours, double distilled and then aged in American white oak casks, the result: exceptional hand crafted tequila.


The Blanco and Reposada variations of Casco Viejo are considered Mexico City’s favourite tequilas due its smooth flavours courtesy of the detailed production process which includes: reducing the tequilas to its right strength using water from their own well and filtering using double osmosis.

Casco Viejo is ideal for mixing in your favourite cocktails or drink simply as a shot.

Your taste buds will certainly appreciate premium tequilas, so treat yourself to the distinctive smooth flavours of La Cava or Casco Viejo.


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Please remember to drink responsibly.