A day in my working life, an occasional series providing an insight into how entrepreneurs spend a typical working day. This week, Matt Warren from Veeqo.

I am the founder and CEO of Veeqo, a software platform that makes online seller’s lifes easier by keeping their inventory right and shipping on time. I started building Veeqo two years ago, and things have moved fast. We now have 30 people in the team and customers from all over the world. A working day can be as follows:

7:00: Attempts will be made from child two, potentially aided by child one to wake me prematurely. I resist.

7:09: Resistance is futile, and I am forced to get up, I eat a few pieces of toast with marmalade (no bits) rushing around getting ready.

8:05: Catch the train, I tend to now go through all my emails, delete anything that’s not important and leave the rest so I can reply later. Go through Twitter, I use it as my source of news for the day and try and keep those I follow to a minimum so I can get just important news.

Matt Warren -Veeqo

Matt Warren -Veeqo

8:35: Arrive at the office, I’m normally one of the first. This is a great time; with a very quiet office I can concentrate and reply to key emails. Check my calendar to see what meetings I’ve got and see what I need to prepare.

9:15: Weekly product planning meeting with our channels team. We have three engineering teams around our main features which are shipping, core and channels. We review what we achieved last week and then agree what features we will work on this coming week. These are called sprints and they help shield our engineering teams, they may not have the loudest voice in the company, but they do what’s important for the business.

9:45: One of my main jobs as product owner is mapping out what new features to build next, once a week my product team and I go through all the incoming emails our support has flagged as ‘feedback.’ I also get feedback from all our internal teams, to help me decide which we need to build first. Only then can I start writing the specs for the design team.

11:00: Phone call with one of our investors, give them a quick update on progress which normally means sales figure for the last few weeks and an update on product development.

11:15: Meeting with our head of sales to review the last weeks’ performance, before hand I will have reviewed the numbers and compiled a list of notes of both the good and the bad.

12:15: Lunch means a trip to the café on the ground floor where I astound the staff with my boringness and order one of two things. Tend to flick through Twitter to read more news while eating.

13:00: Review the accounts and do some of the bank reconciliation, which I find faster doing myself than using an account, as you need to explain which cost centre everything goes to anyway.

13:30: I enjoy helping the customer success team, as it helps me keep in touch with what our customers are saying, which means replying to incoming tickets.

14:30: Doing a training session with the team tomorrow on a big new feature, so I spend some time preparing a slide deck.

16:00: Conduct research into our user’s on-boarding flow from visiting our website, starting a free trial to becoming paid; trying to work out why some turn into paying customers and some don’t.

17:27: I realise I’ve allowed myself only eight minutes to get to the train station when it takes 10 minutes. So I pretend to walk while running – 90% of the time I somehow manage to catch the train.

18:00: Quality time with the family, where we have dinner and chat about our day, although asking my kids what they did at school only results in “nothing,” yes – they did nothing for seven hours!

20:00: Put the kids to bed, read bedtime stories then sit down in the living room with a coffee and watch another episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’

22:00: I try and clear my emails right down before going to bed so that in the morning I can have a clear day.

23:00: I can’t sleep because of the zombies!

For further information please visit: www.veeqo.com