Lonna Hamilton


When one thinks of water, it may be a thought of rain drops running down your face or something more complex like two parts hydrogen combined with one part oxygen. No matter how you view it, water is the miracle drug we have all been waiting for. Water is a super force that helps you relax, stay hydrated, helps you lose weight, helps rid your body of toxins, keeps your organ systems working properly and it even provides fun activities with friends and loved ones. This natural treasure is what makes up at least 75% of our body: you have to make yourself drink at least eight glasses a day. Water is so important, in comparison to food substance, that we could live up to a month without food but would die in just seven days without it! These figures are rather perplexing, yet help resonate the importance water has on our very existence.


We all know that a hot bath is relaxing… Did you know that the heat from the water works to relax and relieve the tension in your muscles from a hard workout or even a long tiring day? Though it is very relaxing you should not stay in the tub longer than 25 minutes. Some studies even suggest that a hot bath can help lower your blood pressure! Internally or externally the benefits of water are extensive.

Dehydration is a condition that occurs when the body is losing more water than it has taken in. Water regulates blood flow, aides with digestion, body temperature regulations and overall cell health. Severe dehydration can actually lead to death. This reiterates the importance of drinking water from the aforementioned statement that ‘you cannot live if you go a week without consumption of water.’clean-19049_640

When it comes to weight loss, if you are hydrated properly, you will feel fuller longer. This is why it is so important to drink water before every meal. Water even helps aide in proper digestion. Saliva, composed essentially of water, is the beginning process of digestion as it softens foods as you chew. Then once the food matter reaches your stomach water aides the cells/blood cells in supplying nutrients to your cells and other parts of your body that aide in recovery when working out.  Water even has the ability to boost your metabolism – up to 30% in healthy individuals.

Have you ever just needed a trip to get away from all the stresses of your life, or a few days to get away to allow your family time to relax and relieve themselves from the tensions of everyday life?  What is the first vacation spot you think of?  Going to the beach!!!  It is scientifically proven that the sounds of the waves are soothing to the body and helps regulate blood pressure.  Also, it is a wonderful place to seek adventure and have fun to let go of life’s woes.

In short water is wonderful internally or externally for every aspect of your life.  Proper hydration can erases signs of ageing, can aide in weight loss, it is soothing when you are feeling the pressure of stress or fatigue, and it is essential for your overall well -being.  If this article does not make you want to go drink a gallon of water, take a look at a few of the following sites and see if that gets the ball rolling…In the meantime let’s toast (with a 24oz of water) to good health!