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When I think of anti –ageing the film She springs to mind, the plot centres around, adventure, a lost civilisation and immortality. I watched the film as a child and don’t recall much about the actual film, however I vividly remember the last scene, which neatly encapsulates the notion of anti –ageing; Ayesha is a queen blessed with immortality and youthful good looks despite being a few thousand years old. Unfortunately, Ayesha’s eternal youth and beauty are destroyed in an instant after entering the ‘pillar of fire’ (for a second time) the ultimate anti –ageing treatment –the very thing that had provided Ayesha with immortality ended up destroying her; in a nanosecond Ayesha’s true age catches up with her before she succumbs to a horrible death.

Like Ayesha, we continue to seek the elixir of youth, how many of us would be prepared to enter the pillar of fire for a line –free complexion and the promise of immortality? Grotta Giusti, a luxurious and historic spa hotel in Tuscany, are offering less extreme anti –ageing treatments as part of their Seven Day Longevity Programme.Grotta Giusti -Piscinabynight2

The course has been developed and perfected over two trial years; it is also overseen by a team of medical and health professionals. The Seven Day Longevity Programme is based on rebalancing the immune, nervous and endocrine systems along with strengthening the defence, cell repair and organ systems. The results emphasise healthy ageing, while reducing the risk of contracting chronic, degenerative diseases.

This anti –ageing programme is tailor made for individual guests – visits begin with a series of medical assessments as a means of establishing genetic susceptibility, the information is utilised to devise the bespoke programme. Dieticians create a nutritional plan designed to teach individuals how to eat according to their genetic needs – expect the best in fresh, locally sourced Mediterranean cuisine.Grotta Giusti -THE CHEFS AT WORK

The Spa at Grotta Giusti represents a temple of wellness with its 750 square metre thermal water open-air pool, underwater hydro-massages and a detoxifying natural steam bath. Thermal mud treatments (47°C) and steam baths (34°C) are enjoyed daily in the thermal cave. The water running through the grotto is rich in salt, sulphate, and alkaline earth, the water comes out of the ground at around 34°C. Its vapours generate a steam bath that provides effective treatment for troubled skin, respiratory and circulatory complaints and musculoskeletal pain.Grotta Giusti

The Grotta Giusti team advises and monitors each guest every day during the physical activity and therapy sessions. The specific exercises offered daily enhance cognitive stimulation for the prevention of cerebral ageing. In addition, the more adventurous can scuba dive in the underground hot spring lake.

Grotta Giusti is an ideal setting for the promotion of wellness, this 19th century villa once owned by the poet Giuseppe Giusti, is surrounded by picturesque parks. In its present guise as a high –end hotel, Grotta Giusti boasts 64 rooms with opulent marble bathrooms and thermal water on tap, its heritage is preserved with antique furnishings and art work.Grotta Giusti -The Giusti hall1

After embarking on the Seven Day Longevity Programme guests receive a personal ‘Blueprint’ drawn up by the medical team which enables continuation of the programme back at home which invariably leads to a healthier lifestyle. Further support is given via an online platform where guests can keep in contact with the medical team.

Grotta Giusti may not be able to offer immortality, however, the Seven Day Longevity Programme will provide a sense of well –being and the elusive elixir of life.

The seven-day Longevity Programme at Grotta Giusti costs €3,137 (£2,295*) to €3,934 (£2,878*) per person in a double room, depending on room type. Nightly rates at Grotta Giusti start from €200 (£146*) per night in a Comfort Room on a B&B basis. Rates also include Wi-Fi, access to spa and fitness facilities.


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