Whether you recruit in-house or are agency based it is important your company website makes the right impression. A poorly designed and unmaintained website can cost you vital clients and put off potential candidates. The design style, tone of voice and content will vary across different sectors however it is important all recruitment sites/pages avoid the common mistakes outlined below:

Hard to find or minimal ‘about’ information

Having an about page that does not clearly state what you do, where you do it and what qualifies you to do it can leave candidates and clients wondering if you’re the right recruiters for them. If you operate within a particularly competitive sector it is even more important you highlight how you can help. Showcase awards and success stories in addition to your history and knowledge of target sectors.

Inconsistent branding

A common web design mistake is inconsistent branding. This includes graphical and written content. Make sure your logo, font, colour scheme and tone of voice are consistent throughout. Create a brand guidelines document and distribute to everyone within the company. This can help create a stronger more recognisable brand across digital and print channels.folder-26693_640

Mobile compatibility

With an increasing number of candidates applying for roles via smart devices, and more companies embracing mobile working, it is more crucial than ever that your website responds accordingly. Can you perform key actions across your site on mobile and tablet devices? Take a look at your Analytics report over the last 12 months, most people will be surprised at the increasing level of mobile and tablet users accessing content.smartphone-459316_640

With Google increasing the ranking of sites that are mobile optimised and decreasing those that aren’t it is now vital your site works across smart devices.

Hard to find contact/apply/registration information

Can you find your contact details, register a CV or apply for an open position easily? If you can’t the chances are potential clients and candidates can’t either.

Make sure your website has clear call to actions. Don’t miss out on clients and candidates because they couldn’t easily find out how to register/contact you.


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