A day in my working life, an occasional series providing an insight into how entrepreneurs spend a typical working day. This week, Josh Krane from CRAFT VAPERY.

CRAFT VAPERY is a rapidly growing, vertically integrated business that caters to vapers and the electronic cigarette market. Our hand-curated subscription and e-commerce websites deliver vaping liquids and hardware to customers in more than 40 countries, our wholesale division sells both our products and others to retail stores globally, and our manufacturing operations create a variety of our own products, as well as those of several OEM customers.

No entrepreneur has a typical day; instead, the daily demands of the business dictate my daily duties. If I had a typical day, I imagine it would go something like this:

6:30: My one-year-old is up, alert, hungry, and looking to play with or destroy anything electronic in his path. For fear of my iPhone’s security, I’m up to make breakfast and coffee. Once he is happy and full, I can start to focus on the day ahead.



7:00: I check my overnight emails and respond immediately to those most urgent, and set triggers for others so I may take action later in the day. Once I have processed all of my emails, I review my schedule and the tasks I need to complete. Finally, I ensure my staff has all of their requests met and priorities outlined so they may start their days. This planning and review time is critical for setting the tone and energy for the day.

8:00: I take a shower, where I commonly have some of my best ideas about growth for the business.

9:00: I have physical therapy to rehab from back surgery a few years ago. During the session, I use the idle time to focus on my intentions for the day, and think through any new strategies we are contemplating for the business.

10:00: I’m at our headquarters walking the fulfilment floor, checking in with both our Manager of Fulfilment and Manager of Curation to get a snapshot of our expected product shipments for our subscription business. We send out hundreds of hand-curated packages a day, and the logistics of that process and the teams required to accomplish it rely on everyone maintaining proper sync and rhythm.

10:30: I review our overnight e-commerce orders and prepare them for fulfilment. I then personally pick the orders while training a new employee who will be taking over that role for me, so I may spend more time focusing on new marketing and strategy initiatives.Mod_Juice

11:30: I meet with my Marketing Manager to discuss any marketing projects that require my input or approval. The majority of our current marketing is through grass roots community building, social media, and affiliate referrals, so our tactics tend to be much more hands-on than traditional media buying and management. This may include scheduling me to appear on a radio show or podcast, scheduling guests into our podcast, determining give-aways and contests to help drive engagement and brand awareness on social media, or reviewing potential community influencers that we may want to approach about representing our brands to consumers.

12:30: Lunch, which is usually packed with extra love by my wife. She likes to leave me little cards and notes, so even when I’m too busy to eat (maybe once a week), I still make sure to check the lunch bag. During this time I check in with our online community for an opportunity to directly interact with customers and answer any questions they may have. This is a critical component to my day as it is one of the few times I get to really rub elbows with our customers all over the world.

13:45: I meet with our Director of Procurement to get a grasp on incoming inventory shipments and to review current inventory burn rates. We review any orders that need to be placed, as well as data from our online platforms to help determine both current demand for products and re-order rates, which help us ensure the highest demanded products also have the highest availability for customers.

15:00: I descent into our creative den where our Art Director and Creative Director are typically cooking up wonderfully creative collateral materials to support our sales and branding efforts. They design everything from our packaging to our marketing messages to the t-shirts we all wear to work and conventions.  I personally approve every piece of collateral material for brand, tone, and message, along with my partner and co-founder.

15:30: I have a quick meeting with my VP of Sales and his Head of Sales to see where we stand against our current daily, weekly, and monthly wholesale sales goals, and help plan any sales events or initiatives for the coming future.

16:00: I typically schedule ‘desk time’ where I can have quality time in my office without distractions. I use this time to respond to longer, less urgent emails, or to work on larger projects like planning an awards presentation or preparing for any upcoming industry conventions. If we have any meetings with outside strategic partners, I try to schedule them in this window as well.

18:00: I am on the phone with our President of Manufacturing, who runs our sister facility that handles all of our first-party and contract manufacturing. We sync up daily to ensure that his production is in line with our marketing and sales efforts.

18:45: Review of the day’s action list and one more sweep through my email to set actions and reminders  for the next day.

19:30: I’m in the car on my way home. This is one of the best times to squeeze in a vendor relations phone call or listen to one of the many podcasts in our industry that I try to stay current on.

20:00: I’m home in time for dinner and to put my son to bed. Next comes quality time with my wife, where we share our experiences from the day. If I have time before bed, I check back in with our fans on social media before I call it quits for the day.

For further information about CRAFT VAPERY please visit: www.craftvapery.com