Sharon Reid


The unconverted consider sorbet as a bit ‘meh,’ once upon a time I felt the same, my earliest memory of sorbet was a sharp tasting lemon, watery mass – not good. Fortunately, the various sorbets I have encountered since have restored my faith; fruity full flavoured and so creamy my tongue was tricked into thinking that I consumed the richest, most indulgent ice cream minus the mucus, milky after -taste!

Lushice, a relative new player have upped the ante with their grown –up sorbet which contains alcohol (2%). Founded by former teacher turned food entrepreneur Laura Lewis, Lushice is available in a variety of flavours: Mojito: refreshing lime sorbet spiked with British mint, finished with smooth Caribbean White Rum; Piña Colada: tropical pineapple and coconut milk sorbet, finished with smooth Caribbean White Rum; Strawberry Daiquiri: a mouth-watering British strawberry sorbet, finished with smooth Caribbean White Rum; and Margarita: zingy lime sorbet, spiked with Tequila.

Laura’s unique take on the sorbet was inspired by her fondness of cocktails and diary –free diet, Lushice’s origins came via Laura’s kitchen table, and a prototype was created as an after –dinner treat for friends, Laura explains:

Laura Lewis - Lushice

Laura Lewis – Lushice

“I love to experiment with all sorts of delicious fruits for dessert, especially sorbets. Adding a splash of booze to the mix was a last minute addition, but I loved the idea of making it a naughty dessert for my friends. After a little recipe refinement, I discovered a little alcohol gave the sorbet a smoother consistency.”

Since its humble origins, Lushice has achieved Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards in 2013 and 2014 for the Mojito and Margarita sorbets respectively. In addition during January 2014, Lushice became a finalist in the national Ocado competition ‘Britain’s Next Top Supplier,’ winning a coveted listing on the Ocado website.

Perhaps the unconverted, would be tempted to give sorbet a chance with Lushice’s tasty range of, fat –free, cocktail inspired sorbets, priced from £1.99 and available at Ocado, Partridges, Bayley & Sage and Ibiza Delivers.


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