Sheila Hicks Balgobin


Have you ever wondered what creates the magic of Lionel Messi at Barcelona?  Me too – until a little article came to me via Facebook…Messi’s magic, according to his mentor, is due to the power of flower essences!

That’s right – Messi admits to using Bach Flower Remedies as part of his training regime.

Sound mind, Healthy Body

Messi trains very hard every day to be technically perfect on the pitch…and he uses Bach Flower Remedies to train mentally.

I know what he means and I agree – I studied martial arts for seven years: and have recently returned to it after a seven year absence – my capoeira teacher and fellow students never knew why some days my game was flawless – full of energy, power and precision.Flower Essence

They didn’t know it – but my secret weapons were flower essences; whether my own or produced by others, I seemed to develop eyes in the back of my head, could kick higher and move faster than usual. Time actually seemed to stand still and I anticipated my opponent’s every movement. I even remember thinking during a game (as if I were standing outside of myself as an observer) – “OMG, I’m REALLY moving fast!”

Improve Your Game – and Your Life with Essences

If you’d like to be able to enter ‘the zone’ – and become the best athlete you can be, no guarantees you’ll be like Messi, though! – book one of my FREE Stressbusting 101 Sessions and find out what essences can do for you!

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