Sharon Reid 


The end of August generally spells the end of summer along with parent’s eagerly counting down the days until their off -spring return to school; the Notting Hill Carnival and erm National Burger DayAugust 27th, this celebration of all things burger can, unsurprisingly trace its origins back to the US – there is also a separate Cheeseburger Day, such is the devotion shown to this fast food staple. In the UK, National Burger Day incorporates burgers of all persuasions including cheeseburgers, however, if your preference is a little less ‘pedestrian’ then read on….

Cottons’ Jerk Beefburger: For those who believe that jerk is not just for chicken

Hailed as one of London’s original Caribbean restaurants Cottons has recently undergone a revamp.

If you are looking for a burger with plenty of spice, then check out Cottons’ bar menu for the Jerk Beefburger: a spiced juicy patty piled high with caramelised onions, gooey cheese squidged between a soft bun, served with yummy sweet potato wedges, salad and fiery dip.

The Coal Shed’s Bone Marrow Burger: For serious carnivoresimage

Considered one of Brighton’s finest steak and fish restaurants, the Coal Shed is worth a visit for their legendary Steak Burger made with 250g of prime steak and bone marrow for extra succulence; served with lettuce, pickles, tomato, onion and chips fried in dripping.

Make your own burger at HG Walterimage

Pick up your own unique gourmet burgers from award winning butchers HG Walter, purveyors of organic and free -range meat, poultry and game. Choose from: Tongue In Cheek Burger: made with tongue and bone-marrow, for richness and flavour, seasoned with parsley, black pepper and a dash of horseradish for an extra kick. Beef And Hungarian Mangalizta Burger: 80% dry aged rump steak from Ayrshire and 20% Mangalitza Pig, a breed native to Hungary but reared in North Yorkshire.

Complete your burger with soft, butter enriched brioche buns, season with an incredible chutney or for the more adventurous, the Gold Great Taste Award winning Pepper and Chilli Jam – all available from the butcher’s shop.

Whether you choose to make your burger yourself or prefer someone serving it for you, whatever you choose mark the passing of summer by eating a celebratory burger for National Burger Day.