The British on holiday are a curious bunch. We have our essential British nature of being reserved, apologetic and uptight. However, when we add sunshine and alcohol it’s a different story.

How The British Do Holidays is a series of humorous ‘British-isms’ that make us feel proud to be who we are in our own unique self-deprecating manner worthy of any patriotic Jubilee Parade.

We love our ‘selfies’ and ‘hot dog legs’. The average holidaymaker will post up to 27 images on Facebook, with 45 ‘selfies’ and 10 ‘hot dog legs’ photos, according to research from following the last summer season.

We refuse to embrace foreign culture and resist speaking any other language. A poll by the British Council showed that a huge 78% of Brits cannot speak a foreign language to a high standard, with 40% being embarrassed due to this logo - gifts, special offers

We pack everything (almost including the kitchen sink) in a desperate attempt to not forsake any home comforts whilst abroad. Two thirds of Brits will take our favourite things in overloaded suitcases. The great British teabag topped the poll with 54% of holidaymakers packing a box according to research by Co-Operative Food. HP Sauce and Tomato Ketchup also made the packing list.

From moaning about everything (especially the weather), to not being especially adventurous with our food choices and loving a drink, or ten.

This is the ultimate guide to How The British Do Holidays:


How The British Do Holidays