Sharon Reid


Have you ever totalled up the cost of your weekly (or in some cases) daily takeaway? What about ready meals, have you ever considered the true cost of convenience? DW Fitness Clubs has conducted some in –depth research on how much people actually spend on both takeaways/convenience food and revealed the following:

Fast food accounts for 34% of the average person’s entire food budgetshamburger-42417_640

Brits spend £29.4 billion on takeaways every year

The average Brit spends £109 per month on unhealthy convenience foodpotato-chips-307617_640

DW Fitness also used the research to debunk the misconception that eating healthy can cost more than ‘cheap’ convenience food:

A takeaway pizza can cost anything from £10 -15pizza-30579_640

Home-made curry can cost less than £10 – you can also freeze the leftovers

It is possible to get five fruits and vegetables a day for only 50p

Unfortunately in spite of good intentions some of us are wasting fresh fruit; with 0.3 Million tonnes of fresh fruit thrown away in the UK during 2012.

Preparing our own meals for work will also produce a significant saving; it takes planning and discipline for meal preparation which is probably why 28% of us don’t bother. However we can save a staggering £735.80 per year simply by making our lunch.

Feeling inspired and want to reduce both your spending and waistline? Then check out DW Fitness’ ‘fakeaway’ recipe.

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