Jo Simpson


Do you love what you do?  Are you absolutely passionate about it? I would hope the answer is YES if you are running you own business.

But, lets look a little closer, do you love absolutely EVERYTHING you do within your business?  Does everything flow in the right direction all the time? Have you ever felt frustrated or that something doesn’t feel quite right in your business at times, yet you can’t put your finger on it?

There maybe an easy answer, which is outsource the things you don’t enjoy or feel passionate about, but what if there is something deeper that keeps creating that restless feeling?

Lets explore some areas that may be triggering this feeling..

Jo Simpson -Author of The Restless Executive

Jo Simpson -Author of The Restless Executive

What was the reason why you started your business?

Was it because you wanted to leave the corporate world – i.e. to get away from something. Be careful if this was the sole reason, as you are in danger of not having clarity of direction and you are likely to take the version of you that was frustrated in a corporate organisation into your business.

If on the other hand, it was because you had a very clear vision, a compelling purpose and had taken the time to define your core business values, you are likely to have felt excited and raring to go at the off. This together with clear objectives and cash-flow projections and you are on to a winner – plain sailing all the way, or is it?

So, having looked back at why you started your business, you may already have some clues to why you may feel restless. Did you start your business for the right reasons and if so, are you still very clearly focussed and aligned to your vision, purpose and values?businessman-336621_640

The Drift

It is easy to drift from our initial objectives and before you know it, you have gone down a path that you didn’t intend to take. Now, if this does sound like you, don’t panic, you have the opportunity to consciously correct your course. And all is not lost because there are benefits and great learnings to be had by taking an alternative path for a while. These include:

  • Gaining clarity on what it is you do want – For example, you choose more consciously which clients you want to work with, who you want to collaborate with and use this as a chance to set goals that really do inspire you to take action
  • You appreciate how it flows so much easier when you are in line with your purpose, vision and values, and become more attuned to them
  • You find it easier to say ‘No’ than ever before

From Restless to Revitalisedwoman-591576_640

If you are feeling Restless right now and you are not sure why, here are some steps to turn this around:

  • Listen to your intuition – Find somewhere quiet, tune in to that part of you that knows the answer – you know, that part you have been ignoring, but you know it’s right
  • If in doubt, get your values out  and check-in to see if all parts of your business are in alignment with your values
  • Make a conscious choice to change what is causing you to feel restless – this may be a small tweak or it may be a radical overhaul that you have been afraid of facing, because it’s too big. It may be a difficult conversation that you have been putting off. Either way, do it now and you will feel relieved, renewed and revitalised as a result

When you live and act in line with your values, extraordinary things are possible, the rewards in your business are immense and not only will you have a profitable, successful and sustainable business, you will enjoy it too and the Return on Investment on that is priceless!image


The Restless Executive: Reclaim Your Values, Love What You Do and Lead with Purpose by Jo Simpson – published by John Wiley & Sons RRP £18.99 hardback, is available online at retailers including and can be ordered from all good bookstores. For more information please visit or follow @JoSimpsonSpeaks.