Teresa Lee


The Putney branch of Brew Cafe sits tucked away on Lower Richmond Road, a modern and whimsical parlour of trendy foodstuffs, complete with wood fired pizza oven and logs stacked decoratively around the covered outdoor seating area, along with a large projecting screen and blankets, presumably for cosy winter screenings during dinner. We were here to sample their limited edition speciality – the Skippy Burger: a burger made with a kangaroo patty, straight from Australia. Other options on the menu included pizzas and a selection of European fare for both breakfast, lunch and dinner, all proudly touted as freshly home-made.

Our welcome was somewhat abrupt, though staff members who served us later were very friendly. To drink, my friend Jo had a glass of crisp house white and I sipped on a deliciously refreshing Energiser juice made with carrot, apple, ginger and celery.

We started with Smoked Edamame Beans with lemon and Maldon salt. This was a good choice – light but flavoursome, and a little different, though we couldn’t get through the entire portion.image

As for the Skippy Burger – I am always up for trying weird and wonderful foodstuffs – this one left me feeling rather flat. Nicely presented on a wooden board, served with fries and a side of leafy salad; just lightly dressed, which was perfect as many restaurants drown their salads in dressing, the kangaroo burger itself was rather dry and had a texture like tuna, crumbling with every attempt at breaking it up. I think I prefer beef (or ostrich) in my burger. However, definite props for the accessories! The burger’s brioche bun was delectable, and the cherry jam glazed beetroot sitting on the patty was sublime, and helped a little with the dryness.

For dessert we opted for the Hot Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownie with vanilla ice cream. After enquiring, we learned from our waiter that the ‘hot’ meant the brownie would be hot, not that there would be hot chocolate (we weren’t sure). The brownie arrived cold, rather hard and dry, it was accompanied with an uninspiring ice cream, more milky than creamy, a disappointment.

Overall not an unpleasant experience, I liked the restaurant’s décor and fresh, homey vibe, but the average food and inconsistent service didn’t quite match up.

Overall Verdict:

Price – £45 (excluding service).

Service –After an initial abrupt start, warmth was restored via other staff members who went onto serve us.

Ambience –Quiet and relaxed, ideal for a catch up with friends.

Bathroom – 2.5/5 not particularly clean.


For further information please visit: brew-cafe.com