Sharon Reid


According to new research conducted by ElectricQ – providers of healthy food appliances, the much maligned millennials have been unveiled as the most active and health conscious, there I am thinking that the young are synonymous with leading hedonistic lifestyles. Being part of generation X, my friends and I would make half hearted efforts to ‘eat well’ yet, we drew the line at juicing – this would come a lot later once we became sensible 30 somethings. However 67% of those aged 20 -29 own health food gadgets: juicers, smoothie makers, spiralizers and food dehydrators, compared to 19% of baby boomers – those aged 50 -59.

The sample study of 1000 UK adults found the following:

32% of 20 -29 year old’s were most likely to visit the gym or take part in weekly exercise

Compared to:

19% of 30 -39 year old’s

11% of 50 -59 year old’s

Millennials also fared well when it came to consuming health –conscious food -one in two had bought a superfood in the last six months, compared with just 13% of those aged 40 – 49 years.Health Conscious Millenials -green-456839_640

Millennials also appear to spend the most time preparing food. A third (32%) admitted to spending over one hour per day in the kitchen making meals, compared to just 15% of 50-59 year old’s.

Social media has been credited with inspiring the increasingly popular ‘eating clean’ and ‘fit not thin’ movements, which has helped propel social media stars such as Ella Woodward; her cookbook entitled Deliciously Ella broke records as the fastest selling debut cook book. There are countless other young people that have a strong presence on Instagram and YouTube showcasing and sharing their diet tips and exercise regimes.

ElecricQ’s Managing Director, Victor Stoica discussed the impact of young people’s fitness on popular culture:

“It’s interesting to see that the younger generation have now become the healthiest. Over the past few years, things like eating clean, fit not thin, superfoods, bootcamp-style exercise and marathons have become increasingly a part of popular culture, which is earning fitness and health a prominent place within the priorities of the younger generation. It’s also great that manufacturers of healthy food preparation appliances are making healthy living accessible for younger people, who often have access to less money than their elders, being only a few years into their careers.Health Conscious Millenials -green-juice-769129_640

“This is drastically changing their image – not too many years ago, twenty-somethings were most associated with drinking, clubbing and other forms of excess.”

Eloise, 23 a budding fitness model from London puts her interest in leading a healthy lifestyle down to a traumatic period in her early teens:

“My older brother had committed suicide and this had triggered my anorexia, fortunately this was picked up relatively early by my mother who happened to be studying nutrition at the time.”

After her mother’s intervention, Eloise’s recovery was relatively swift, “I had the added advantage of receiving useful nutritional advice from my mother and an interest in eating well and exercise quickly developed.”

With millennials now considered the new vanguards of health, the older generations – effected by a rise of alcoholism especially amongst retired professional women, would benefit from following the clean living example set by their much younger successors.

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