Sharon Reid


In this age of easy convenience, camping has undergone a glamorous metamorphosis – no more struggling with mould –ridden tents, we are now bedding down in private, purpose -built camping pods. Glamping’s popularity shows no signs of abating, why should it? You get the benefits of staying in a beautiful, remote spot but unlike camping trips of old, you remain, cosy, warm and dry even during the midst of a tempestuous storm.

The camping pod comes with outside table and chairs, an actual bed, stove, wardrobe, kettle, heater and plug socket. While the on-site toilet and shower facilities are scrupulously clean and modern.

Choose from 19 locations across England’s green and pleasant land: Cornwall, Devon and Hampshire or further north of the border at Dumfries and Galloway.

Follow the new camping converts and get glamping!


Book one night (for two) at the reasonable price of £49. For further information please visit: