A day in my working life, an occasional series providing an insight into how entrepreneurs spend a typical working day. This week, Jane Michell from Jane Plan.

I am a nutrition and weight loss expert, author and the founder of Jane Plan, the UK’s only truly bespoke diet-delivery service.

In addition, I am a working mum so ‘busy’ sums up my day!  I am very hands on with my business so a typical day can include anything from meeting suppliers, developing business strategy, to taking a client’s order over the phone or visiting one of our kitchens in Yorkshire! There’s no cookie cutter day at Jane Plan, every day is different but I love that.

5:45: I wake up and check emails that have come in overnight and respond to anything urgent like delivery problems or dietary issues. There’s a lot of responsibility when you run your own business so I always have my business hat on…even first thing in the morning before I have a coffee!!

6:00: Twice a week I meet my personal trainer and workout in my local park. I find meeting first thing is the best time. I can honestly say that I never know what a day will bring so best to get exercise in early otherwise it gets pushed out!

Jane Plan -Jane Michell -Bespoke Diet Delivery, Service, Healthy Food

Jane Michell -Jane Plan

7:00: I shower, grab a light breakfast of Jane Plan porridge or granola with a handful of summer berries and Total zero fat yoghurt. It’s slow release and keeps me going until lunch! Sometimes I cycle to work – but only if it’s not raining!

7:45: I arrive at the Jane Plan office and lay out my plan for the day. I might have meetings out of the office or need to travel that day so getting some quiet  time every morning before my team arrives is essential.

9:00: We have a team chat and find out what needs to get covered that day – logistics, accounts, nutrition conundrums, marketing ideas, customer service requests– we’re a small team so we all need to know what’s happening in each other’s day – communication is key!

11:00: I liaise with our media buyers throughout the working day . As I run an e-commerce business, it’s so important that our website and all our online marketing runs smoothly for our clients.

12:30: I chat through any important dietary or nutritional issues that clients have with my team of nutritionists. I used to work at a leading London hospital  before I founded Jane Plan so I’m always keen to maintain this link and support clients to reach their weight loss goals.Jane Plan Book Cover - Jane Michell - Diet Plan

13:00: I do social media and marketing catch-up with my team. Fostering a strong social media community is really important for Jane Plannners. It’s also a great way to get feedback about our service and how we can improve things and find what makes it tick!

13:30: I join my team for lunch. We eat in the office and eat Jane Plan meals every day, so when clients ask about certain meals, we can advise them. Over lunch we chat about strategy and how to move the business forward. I have a Diet Coke (a naughty habit I know) and my favourite lunch is our  broccoli and cheese soup – it’s made with Staffordshire blue cheese and is so tasty!

14:30: We have warehouses on site and a fabulous all female packing team managed by Alex, my warehouse manager. Alex started out as my cleaner when I ran Jane Plan from my kitchen and her role has grown with the business. I’d be lost without her she’s incredibly organised and efficient. She runs a warehouse staff of 10 ladies.

15:00: The quality and range of Jane Plan meals is so important to me. We often do food tastings in the office – yes this can mean eating breakfast items at 3pm or a lamb dinner first thing sometimes but we  go with it! It’s so important to refine  or develop new recipes and tasting our product is the only way!

15:30: I touch base with our marketing agency – I love any creative conversations that focus on how to move business forward and how that in turn can allow my business to expand, reach and help more people.  You need to be savvy, always innovative and engaged with customers. They (customers) are the lifeblood of my company.

16:00: I think of brand collaborations, editorial or advertising ideas and brainstorm strategy or how I can make my business better. This is a 24/hour stream of consciousness. I think a lot of  entrepreneurs will share this.

17:00: I spend this time planning what I’m going to work on in the evening. Working in the evening allows me time to think clearly. I then start on the evening support calls to clients. These calls are really important to engage with people who are struggling and need emotional support. It’s one of the key things that makes Jane Plan different to other diet delivery companies.  We know that there’s no one size fits all policy when it comes to weight loss. We create bespoke plans for our clients and coach them through a weight loss journey. It’s important for me to talk to our clients, because if you lose touch with your clients you lose touch with your business. I also genuinely enjoy talking to them and hearing about their experiences.

18:30: I leave the office and grab something on the way home for supper. If I’m driving, as opposed to cycling, I make calls on the journey home.

20:00: I really like to cook and sit down with my family in the evening. It can be hard to get three busy young teenagers and my husband under one roof at the same time but I think sharing a meal and chatting over our days is one of my favourite parts of the day!

2130: I check our Twitter and Facebook and see if any emails have come during the evening. Then I go to bed and think about the next day!

For further information, please visit: www.janeplan.com