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I always tell my clients that, unlike essential oils used in aromatherapy, flower or vibrational essences are NOT scented or flavoured in any way – however, there are exceptions to every rule….and I actually tasted the fruit that made up two different essences from the Spirit in Nature Essences range – strawberry and grape.

I would like to take a moment to describe those experiences – and what the essence producer herself thought about what happened….

Grape Essence – Loving DropsSpirit in Nature Essences -Clinical-Grape-Highest-Res-112x150-112x150

Several years ago, while trying the Spirit in Nature essences for myself, before using with clients, my first experience of tasting an essence was Grape. I was taking the essence to understand for myself what the essence did, to be better able to understand how it might help my clients.  I do this to ensure that I understand intellectually as well as energetically what the essence can do.

At the time, I was thinking about my late mother – who loved grapes passionately – and who (at least for me) personified the message of grape, which is unconditional love.  I also love grapes and I believe that the connection between me, my mother and the grapes somehow set up a resonance in me that allowed me to ‘taste’ the grapes in the essence. To be honest, it wasn’t even a taste as such…it was more the memory of the grapes’ taste that was somehow captured in the water used to make the essence.

Strawberry Essence – Fields AnewSpirit in Nature Essences -Clinical-Strawberry-1oz-97x150

The second taste experience was with Strawberry – an essence which, among other things, helps with transitions in life. When I started this essence, I had just been told that I would either have to reduce my hours at work drastically (by half) or become redundant.  Huge changes were occurring in my life at the time and unwittingly, or more accurately, appropriately, I was taking the very essence which could help me adjust to the major shifts taking place.  Once again, I believe it was this resonance or congruence between my feelings at the time and the vibration of the essence itself that engendered this extraordinary connection between me and the essence.

What the Essence Producer Said

Lila Devi -  Spirit in Nature Essences

Lila Devi – Spirit in Nature Essences

I recently spoke with Lila Devi, the producer of the Spirit in Nature Essences range, about this particular phenomenon; she told me that other sensitive people have also noticed an impression of taste.

While Lila had no concrete theories as to why this occurs, I believe the principle of resonance makes sense.  Just as a glass will shatter when a soprano sings the note which vibrates at the same rate, the essences were ‘in synch’ with my emotional state at the time, allowing me to experience the essences fully – including ‘tasting’ them.  I believe that my energy system needed the corrective signal of the essences at the time I was taking them , which was why I could identify with them at the cellular level and which allowed me to taste the essence (pardon the pun) of both Grape and Strawberry.

Want to Taste Your Own Healing?

Has all this talk of fruit and healing given you a taste for your own healing?

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