Recruiting the right staff is a vital issue for any business. Nothing is worse than unsuccessfully trying to attract exciting and capable talent to your cause. You’ve got to prepare a real message – why should an employee be interested in your business and what can you offer them?

Employee stories

Scott Logic, a UK-based software consultancy recently launched a portal entitled ‘The people behind the code,’ which houses employee stories to help prospective candidates and those interested in software development careers gain insight into working life.

The stories come from graduate developers, senior developers, test engineers and even the head of development. Prospective software sector workers can hear from all manner of positions within the company and gain some helpful advice.

The stories come as part of a recruitment drive that aims to increase the workforce by 50% in 2015. Scott Logic is keen to dispense with the corporate jargon and let potential candidates see what real life for their employees is like.

Employee referral rewards

Cutting the cost of a recruitment campaign by encouraging your staff to put forward candidates is a great strategy. However, you need to incentivise the scheme if you really want to find the best talent. Offering employees a reward for putting candidates to interview and a better reward for those you hire is a great way of securing staff and creating a competitive culture for your current staff.image

Targeted advertising

Advertising isn’t just to increase business. You can also advertise the fact your company is recruiting, which is a good way to reach a wide variety of potential employees. However, it’s better to target areas the staff you want will frequent. For instance, a video game company could recruit candidates by advertising in gaming magazines and online communities.

Digital outreach

Agencies and creative technology businesses need to go beyond traditional methods to recruit the best talent in a competitive market. Social media outreach and persoanlised recruitment strategies are a great way to get the exact spec of employee you’re after.

Software developers Uncle Grey wanted a new frontend developer but were unsuccessful using old-fashioned recruitment. Instead, they researched their audience and found many developers played the game Team Fortress 2. They recruited via sponsored players in the game, who spread their brand message and eventually recruited their perfect employee.

Look through the rejection pile

A candidate you rejected in the past may now be a perfect choice. Did they lack experience? Perhaps they have it now. Did they need maturity/time to grow? Time changes everything. It can be worth looking back over interviews and remembering who impressed you. LinkedIn is a good way to check on a potential employee to see what they’ve done since you rejected them. From here, a simple friendly outreach letter may go a long way.


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